February 18, 2017

So I Watched John Wick Chapter 2

The Boogeyman is out for another killing spree in John Wick Chapter 2 movie and here's what I'm going to say.

Chapter 2 is set directly after the events of the first John Wick movie. The Boogeyman, John Wick (Keanu Reeves) is out to reclaim his car from the Russians. The Russians have a taxi company where they also store some stolen cars, one of the cars is John Wick's and knowing him, he killed all those who work there except for the boss (Peter Stormare) who is the uncle of the kid that stole his car and killed his dog. John Wick declared peace to the boss and once again went into retirement. But that retirement is short lived...

You don't have to watch the first movie to enjoy this sequel, because they creatively recapped the story in the first scene without spoiling everything.

Just like the first movie, the story is pretty straight forward and the theme is revenge. Mr. Wick is forced to kill once again because of a blood bond. And as a legendary and feared assassin that he is, John Wick accomplished his mission... I will stop here, I don't want to spoil the good stuff. But there will be a Chapter 3.

The movie still have the cool subtitles, it makes talking a little more entertaining. The movie have a lot of dark humor, and have more action than dialogue. John Wick does his talking with his marksmanship and close quarters combat skills. I lost count but I think Chapter 2 have more body count than Chapter 1.

The action scenes doesn't have the, sometimes nauseating, shaky camera that modern action movies use, so you can clearly see the shooting, punching and kicking. And wow, Keanu Reeves can still do some of his "matrix kung fu" but in a slower and realistic way.

You know what, this movie reminds me of the game I've played, Hitman: Absolution.

I definitely recommend this movie, especially if you watched the first one. It's awesome and much better. I just hope Chapter 3 is not over the top.


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