February 01, 2017

[Toy Review] Fire Toy Deadpool

I read a few old and recent Deadpool comics so I kinda know this character. He gained more popularity being playable in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Then he got his own video game and movie. So now I'm gonna review his action figure. But this Deadpool action figure that I got is unusual. It's an unofficial Marvel figure from "Fire Toy", an unknown toy company. The reason I chose this one because it's a cool looking and random figure. I found this toy while walking around the mall. Oh, he also have two color variations: white (X-force) and gold.


The front and back of the box.
"Hellooo.. Hey! Somebody?"

The box is presentable and have a nice size. The front shows a large cool artwork of Deadpool, Chinese letterings and Fire Toy logo. The back shows the same lettering again, only larger with Deadpool's logo. No product shots of the figure. The left and right side of the box shows another Deadpool artwork. The top shows a large Marvel logo with its website. The box have the impression of being legit.

This is what's in the box.
"Hey, guy! Get me outta here!"
The box is window-less so actual figure and its accessories can't be viewed. How nice of the store owners to let me open the box to check out the figure first before buying it. The fig doesn't have that fresh new toy smell. It faintly smells like rubbery plastic, but it goes away after a few days.

Deadpool out of the box!
"Now it's time to... what!? Pose for photos? I didn't know I'm modeling today."
Packaging includes: Deadpool figure, 2x katanas, 2x sword sheaths, knife, handgun, L/R sword gripping hands, right trigger hand


This looks pretty impressive for an unlicensed figure. Great sculpt and detail, pretty good paint work and overall great presentation. This 10-inch action figure looks like a Play Arts Kai figure at first glance.

Deadpool at four sides.
"Actually, they're my shadow clones!"
Deadpool looks awesome on all sides. The anatomy is proportional. Whoever designed and sculpted this toy deserves some credit for their great work. The figure have some weight too.

Deadpool's mugshot.
"Mugshot? That sound's villainous. I prefer profile shots."
His masked head looks, well... Deadpool! The sculpt is great, the mask looks very fit to the head, you can somehow see some details of Wade Wilson's face behind the mask. It also looks like he have a very cocky expression.

The back of Deadpool's head.
"Not only I look good in front but also at the back!"
The mask is also designed and sculpted to look like a two-layered mask, the inner mask (the eye and the back area) is black and it's textured and the top layer mask is red.

The red and black suit and bandolier.
"I'm so awesome, I got two different logos!"
Deadpool's suit design is different depending on the artists, but he's well-known to wear a red and black combat suit. The suit looks great overall, the matte black parts are textured and red parts are smooth and glossy. There are other details around the figure like straps, linings wrinkles on the suit.

The back of the bandolier can hold the sword sheaths.
"Ooohh... look at that sexy back."
Deadpool's suit features a separate bandolier that is made of soft plastic. It's really detailed with pouches, X-Men logo and Deadpool's logo. It also holds the two sword sheaths where the katanas are kept.

The arms looks great, the wrist pads adds more detail.
"I know right!"
Both arms looks great and features a removable wrist pads made of soft plastic. The elbows' hinges have uneven paint color and should have been painted red. The hands have decent size. The black parts of the hands are textured.

Deadpools legs.
"Look! I got long legs."
The legs looks good too and features sculpted straps and kneepads.

The gun holster and the knife sheath.
"Yeah, I keep my little toys there."

The right leg have the gun holster for the handgun. Securing the gun to the holster is simple, just slide the "tongue" of the cover into the hole under the Deadpool logo. The left leg have a knife sheath.

The cool boots.
"If you wanna know, those boots are custom made for combat... and wrestling."
These combat boots looks great and detailed. It's red and black too and no paint problems here.

The bottom of the boots.
"In addition to combat and wrestling, the boots are also intended to make faces look like waffles."
The bottom of the boots is threaded. A nice attention to detail.


Deadpool have decent amount of accessories. He got his two katanas with sword sheaths, a handgun and a knife. He also got two gripping hands for the katanas and a trigger hand for the handgun.

Deadpool's stuff.
"They're... beautiful! *starry eyes*"
Deadpool brought lots of toys but why he got only one handgun? No other firearms like some uzi's?

Those katanas looks cool.
"It's cool because their owner is COOL."
The twin katanas looks great, they're sharp at the tip. The sculpt and paint applied is good.

The sheaths for the katanas.
"It's always a sad time when I sheath my katanas."
The katanas came with sword sheaths, they're mostly black and the "lip" part is painted gold. They're detailed with sculpted rope-like things wrapped around.

Looks like a magnum.
"When I'm bored, I use that gun to draw smiley faces on some wanted posters."
The Handgun is just black but it looks cool, really detailed and looks very similar to Dante's (DMC PAK) handguns.

The golden knife.
"Yeah, those were made from the gold that I "confiscated" when we raided the Paguros."
Deadpool's combat knife looks standard but that's fine. The gold blade adds more bling.

The katanas secured at Deadpool's back.
"Oh! Hey there!"
The bandolier holds the sword sheaths really well.

The handgun and the knife securely kept at their respective holster and sheath.
"My hand always itches to get those babies out of their cages."

The gun holster and the knife sheath really secures the two weapons. They wont fall off anytime soon.

Twin katanas equipped.
"What? No! I was just going to... uhh cook. Yeah that it"
The extra pair of gripping hands are for Deadpool's katanas and knife.

Holding the handgun.
A trigger hand is for holding the handgun. These hand is a bit hard and got a nice grip, not too loose.

Deadpool didn't come with a display stand. He can stand on his own anyway.


Mr. Pool
"I'm gonna put some cap on some evil dudes!"
This is the most disappointing part. Being a large action figure, Deadpool is "stiff", because he got few articulation points. He's still poseable, but not as highly poseable as other large or some smaller figures. Some of the joints have some ratcheted feel to it and some felt pretty loose. Still, the figure can hold its pose

Deadpool holds the knife.
"See this little shanker? Looks cool huh?"
His head only swivels and turns in an angle so if Deadpool is looking left/right he will tilt his head and makes a mocking impression especially with that face of his. His head can also tilt like a bobblehead. No neck articulation.

He's ready for sword combat.
"Slicey dicey time!"
No chest articulation. Deadpool only have a waist swivel that's limited because of his bandolier that hides the articulation pretty well.

Deadpool is good at sword combat.
"What do you mean good? I'm godlike!"
The arms doesn't have butterfly hinges but their movement is good, they can fully rotate. No bicep swivel but the ratcheted single-hinged elbows can swivel. The hands can only swivel, no tilting action.

The heroic pose.
"Time to save the day... In a rough, dirty and ugly way."
The legs can twist. They can also raise up and sidewards and got decent range, but they can't really move well backwards.

More sword combat poses.
"Who wants some!?"
The single-hinged knees are ratcheted and have decent range of motion. The knees can also swivel. The kneepads hides the joints and doesn't look too bad when you look behind the knees.

Deadpool... Are you drunk or something?
"Nope. This is my victory pose *hic*!"
The boots only swivels, another hidden joint. No other feet articulation that will make them tilt up/down and pivot.


This is the only Fire Toy figure, others are just color variants of Deadpool, so I can't compare this guy to other figs except with my Play Arts Kai figures.

Deadpool with a Judge Magister, Viera and Prince.
"Awww, I want to stand next to the bunny girl!"
Well now, Deadpool is around the same height as Noctis (FFXV). Fran (FFXII) and Gabranth (FFXII) are taller.

Deadpool with the AVALANCHE team.
"You know, we can have a team up with MY team, the Thunderbolts."
His scale looks fine with FFVII:AC's Cloud, Tifa and Barret.

Deadpool with the colorful crew.
"I know why you're called colorful crew. You guys look like little kids that likes to color things!"
Deadpool is the tallest compared with Lightning (LR:FFXIII), Serah (FFXIII)Sora (KH3D) and Riku (KH2).

A multiverse of characters.
"Hey Raiden, I saw the vid on YouTube where you destroyed Wolverine."
Raiden (MGR) is taller. Lara (RotTR) is about the same height. Harley (B:AK) and Leon (RE6) are shorter.

Deadpool with Catwoman and Hatsune Miku.
"Two babes!? Now we're talking! Hey Miku, how old are you..? 16!? Paaass!"
Deadpool is taller than Hatsune Miku (Variant) while Catwoman (Variant) is slightly taller.

As you can see in the scaling comparison, Deadpool can easily blend in with the Play Arts Kai figures. It makes me want to get a Deathstroke PAK ASAP.


No problems on this toy. Surprisingly for an unofficial action figure made by unknown toy company, this toy is built properly. The paint application is weak though, they easily chip/scratch off and some small parts are unpainted.


I don't know if this Deadpool fig is bootleg or authentic given his unlicensed nature. There are really bad knockoffs of this figure that I also found in the same store where I bought this. Still, the toy looks great and highly detailed. It lacks articulation but it got a nice amount of accessories. This toy is really hot, its prices on eBay or similar sites is either low or extremely high. I'm lucky to find one that's only Php.1,800.00 (around $40.00). This is a great placeholder while I wait for the Variant PAK version of Deadpool. If "Fire Toy" is a starting/underground toy company, then I would like to see them to go topside and make more better and cheap 10 inch action figures and give a certain company a run for its money... *cough* SQEX *cough*!

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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