February 02, 2017

More Play Arts Kai Figures Revealed - Lunafreya and Aqua

Wow! Two more Play Arts Kai action figures appeared! Well, at least I found them while checking out some tweets. February must be a month where lots of female PAK action figures shows up on my radar.

Luna with her badass bodyguard, Nyx.
The first one is Lunafreya from Final Fantasy XV. As I write about my impressions on PAK Cindy, this action figure shows up once I logged in on my Twitter account. The tweet comes from Hideo Kojima himself. The figure is displayed during Final Fantasy's 30th anniversary event.

Finally, it's Master Aqua!
Next one is one of my most wished PAK figure, Kingdom Hearts' Aqua (Birth by Sleep). I saw these on some tweets too. Now where's Terra and Ventus?

Now that's exciting! I want to see their official photos ASAP so that I can check out some of the stuff they have and make a decision if I'm gonna get these figures.

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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