February 21, 2017

New York Toy Fair 2017: Part 3 - Marvel Variant Play Arts Kai Action Figures

This is where it gets interesting. SQEX displayed their new Marvel Variant Play Arts Kai action figure prototypes in NYTF 2017

UPDATE: Release dates added!

Photos from Toyark.com

The Master of Magnetism
Marvel Variant Play Arts Kai is getting another villain and it's Magneto from X-Men and wow, this prototype looks good and might look even better when painted.

The good magical doctor.
Next character is a bit surprising for me, Doctor Strange. I guess he's made because of his recent movie. The gray prototype figure looks good too. I may not be a fan of the magical doctor, but his variant design looks pretty awesome.

So here are my thoughts about these two. I think I'll pass on the Dr. Strange PAK figure. Magneto though, well we'll see... They both look awesome but the question still lingers, how much are they? Are they cheap or ridiculously expensive?

UPDATE: Magneto's release date is around July 2017 while Dr. Strange's release is around August 2017

Stay tuned on Part 4 (probably the last post of this NYTF 2017 blog series)

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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