February 20, 2017

New York Toy Fair 2017: Part 1 - Final Fantasy Play Arts Kai Action Figures

I didn't know that NYTF 2017 started a couple of days ago. I'm a little late but I have something to say about the action figures SQEX's displayed on this event. And you know me, I only cover SQEX products. I might cover more brands, but I just need to buy a non-SQEX action figures/static figurine first. Ok, for the first out of four post is about some Final Fantasy PAKs.

Photos from Toyark.com

Yeah, I already covered them in previous posts but it's nice to see them displayed on the event. FFXV's Cindy (in full color) and Lunafreya (gray prototype) is here along with the Kingsglaive member, Nyx.

Lunafreya in her gray glory and we can clearly see her trident.
If you want to see more Cindy, click here!

Cloud and Barret from the FFVII Remake are also displayed and that's it. No new PAK action figures from other Final Fantasy titles, SQEX is focusing on other characters which I'll talk about in the other posts. So stay tuned... probably tomorrow, because I'm sleepy and also that's why this post is too short.

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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