February 20, 2017

New York Toy Fair 2017: Part 2 - Kingdom Hearts Action Figures

SQEX have some Kingdom Hearts related action figures on display too.

Photos from Toyark.com

Like their Final Fantasy display, SQEX have few Kingdom Hearts action figures on display and that's the Play Ars Kai figure of Aqua from KH:BBS and the small scale action figure of KH3's Sora.

Looking good there, master.
Want to see more Aqua? Check this out!

Tiny Sora
This is the gray prototype of the 6-inch figure of Sora from Kingdom Hearts 3. These smaller action figures are called "Bring Arts"... what a weird name. I think they called it that way because it's more portable than PAKs

Yeah, it's getting a little boring in SQEX's first party title department. I hope they announce new FF and KH PAKs in this year's ToyCon. Still stay tuned, because my little series of NYTF2017 posts is going to get better!

By the way, Play Arts Kai Aqua's release date is around July 2017 while Bring Arts Sora is available in June 2017 and costs approx. $90.

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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