June 07, 2015

[Toy Review] Barret Wallace FFVII:AC Play Arts Kai

We got a foul-mouthed and loud meat here waiting for a review. Guy's name is Barret Wallace from the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie. I'm pretty excited to get this big guy because this is the very first Barret Play Arts Kai action figure. Looks like SQEX is really aiming on completing the casts in PAK form. That's really awesome for fans and somehow very risky in business standpoint. So is this action figure of Barret really worth your money? Pssst, he's REALLY cheap.

"Whaddup foo, it's Barret! I AM THE MAN... OIL, Cloud! I just found the biggest damn oil field you've ever seen!"
~ Barret Wallace ~


[left] Front of the box
[right] Back of the box

Opened front cover. Barret really wants to get out of the box.
Just like the rest of FFVII:AC, Barret's box format is the same. Opening the cover of the coffin-type packaging reveals the action figure and its accessories. It seems Barret is crammed inside the box because of his size. You can also read the texts right beside the viewing window of the box. The back shows more of Barret's poses. Most Barret packaging that I saw is either busted, torn or both. My packaging is torn at the top part. The Barret figures must be struggling to get out of the box.

And he's finally out
Packaging includes: Barret figure, Gatling Gun, L/R open hands, Display stand (with instructions)


Now this action figure might beat Raiden when it comes to scaling, we'll find out about that later. But first, this Barret figure looks amazing. The guys at SQEX toy making department really did a good job on this toy.

Viewing the big guy on 4 sides
Barret's overall sculpt and build is really detailed and very sturdy. This toy is pretty heavy too and looks good in all viewing sides.

He's angry alright...

The toy's size and all the stuff going on it makes Barret's head look small. Face sculpt is accurate, realistic and got a grunting/angry expression because this is his face in his movie promo image, trust me, look it up. This forces me to pose him in an action stance. He got scars on his right cheek. I noticed an uneven sculpt on the side of the head hinting that this face may be changeable 'till SQEX pulled out the idea, just speculating.

Barret's new vest with fish nets
His white vest is made of soft plastic and have fish nets underneath that's permanently sculpted separately to the chest, abs, crotch pieces. I'm not a fan of the dark outlines/washes on the vest, it looks dirty. The front straps of the vest are not painted entirely. Barret's necklace is permanently sculpted.

That's a big arm!
...and it became girly because of that pink ribbon. LOL!
Barret's arms, like his face, is really angry. It got lots of angry veins sculpted for more detail. The tattoo on his left arm is barely noticeable, it's fine, Barret's tattoo is hard to notice in the game/movie anyway. He wears a ribbon on his left wrist.

Barret's new prosthetic and weaponized arm
The right arm have a sleeve that goes from the bicep to the mechanical wrist.

Nice arm and I don't want to get punched by it.
The hands looks awesome. The left hand wears a glove and 3 rings, while the right hand is mechanical and it really looks like metal because of the chrome/metallic finish on it.

Skin paintjob and shading on the face, arms and fingers is superb.

Just a standard cargo pants
The simple olive colored cargo pants have lots of folds and wrinkles. The paintjob on the pants is nice but again it looks dirty because of the black paint washes/outlines. The right leg have a part of the fish net sculpted on it.

Nice realistic boots!
Combat boots looks like those combat boots we see in real life. It really looks good... and dirty.


Barret have a pretty good Play Arts Kai figure debut because he brought good amount of accessories with him. He got his semi-functional Gatling Gun and an extra open pair of hands.

He only got these but it's fine.
They didn't include a muzzle flash or Big Shot Limit Break effect, a downer for sure.

Gatling Gun/Arm Cannon
The Gatling Gun looks cool. The three mini guns can rotate around the whole gun, but the mini guns themselves can't. The main cannon of the gun looks great but not a retractable piece. It's easy to attach this accessory, just pull out the normal mech wrist then attach the gun arm, that's it.

Ready... aim...
The Gatling Gun isn't heavy, Barret can hold it up without him falling down. This gun's connector doesn't have grooves as indicators if you attach the gun correctly.

[left] Mech hand up close
[right] Looks like a pimp's hand

These hands look great. The mech hand have glossy chrome finish, the normal hand is blingy.

Knuckle crunching...
wait that mech hand doesn't have bones, and it's made of metal.
The extra hands gives more posing and gesture options for Barret.

Teh display stand
This display stand doesn't really have use for Barret. He doesn't need to jump that high because he usually shoot things on solid ground or platform. This figure can stand on its own and have great balance.


Being a PAK action figure. This Barret toy can pose in many ways. We'll find out if some articulations are limited because of the character/figure design.

"Waddup foo!"
His head moves well, it can even rotate 360 degrees. The collar of his vest is soft, it lessens the limitation of the head's movement.

[left] "Let's wrassle!"
[right] "Don't worry foo, I got this (arm)!"

The chest piece is soft, so chest movement is fine and can do better ab crunches. The waist is really hard to move, tight ball-joint.

Gatling Gun arm slinging
The shoulders are ball-hinged. The whole arm can still cross to the chest, but a little difficult to do. The cuts on the vest helps the arms a bit to cross to the chest. Posing the arms may reveal the insides of the chest piece to the side. The bicep can swivel The ball-hinged elbows and wrist can swivel, tilt up and down pretty well.

[left] Sitting while staring at his new prosthetic Gatling Gun/Arm Cannon hand
[right] "Hrrrrmmm... me don't get it either..."

The legs twist. It can raise forward just fine and move to the back a little. The legs can raise sidewards, but its thick sculpt limits its movement sideways. Barret can still kick and sit down. The double-hinged knees looks odd when folded, It's common to these kind of knees.

Dodging fire!
The ankles are ball-hinged and got nice range of motion. They can swivel and tilt up/down. The feet have toe hinges that really helps Barret to pull some poses that requires folded toes.

Time to get Barret into action!

[left] "Raaaaaagggghhhh!"
[right] Don't mess with this gun!

[left] Strafing
[right] Ready to fight fire with fire

Judging from the posture, he's going to do a dodge roll.
Performing a duel quick draw... Hey! that's not fair!
Proceeding to scaling...

The AVALANCHE members
Barret is the tallest FFVII:AC PAK so far. He looks good together with his fellow AVALANCHE members, Cloud and Tifa, he's a bit inaccurately short though.

Lightning, Barret and Sora
Sora (KH3D) is a kid so he's puny next to Barret. To Lightning's (LR:FFXIII) perspective, Barret is a center player in a basketball team.

Big Barret with Raiden and Leon
Leon becomes "Peon" when he's next to Barret. And Raiden (MGR), while having long legs and ninja heels, still got beaten by the big guy in scaling department. Barret fits in with the Metal Gear characters.


No problems and defects found on the toy its awesome Gatling gun. I don't really have any major complaints on the paint application like paint sticks and drops. Two thumbs up for quality! Still, better inspect the toy first before buying it.


Get this guy now! You won't regret picking Barret up. This is his first PAK figure and he got his moveable Gatling Gun (I really like the gun). This toy really have very solid build and its quality and presentation is really high. I just don't like his dark paint outlines/washes. I saw some of Barret PAKs still in stock in most toy and hobby stores. I still advice you guys (especially the FFVII:AC PAK completionists) to get this toy ASAP while it's still way cheap as heck (SRP price AND lower)! Now SQEX must make Cid look really awesome and where is Cait Sith?

I want muzzle flashes and bullets on guns so here it is!

Bullet Frenzy!
Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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