June 05, 2015

[Art Related] New Artwork After a Year!

It's been a long time since I uploaded an artwork in my deviantART page. The stress in my work and other projects and commitments forces me to draw again. I'm glad that I made a great artwork (IMHO) and relieved me from a lot of stress. Want to see my new art (first in 2015), well read more! :D

I drew my first original character again, Alluria.

Ta-daaaaa! Here she is! :D

This art was made on June 4, 2015 and it's currently on deviantART.

I just used a mouse and a bit of my Photoshop knowledge on this one. I never thought that I can draw by using it... I'm glad it came out great. *New basic skill acquired!*. This is just her face, drawing her on her full get-up is going to be difficult when I'm using a mouse... but we'll get there. :D

I really wanted to draw on my computer and having that WACOM on my mits is still far away to become a reality. So easily put, this art is a product of stress and desperation and I feel much better after I completed it. :D

Now that I know how to draw by using a mouse, expect some artwork from yours truly.

For more of my previous work, check out my deviantART page!


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