December 20, 2015

So I Watched Star Wars The Force Awakens...

Those who didn't watch the movie yet, don't worry, this is a spoiler-free blog post. I watched the Episode VII of Star Wars... it was great and here are my thoughts.

I don't want to make this post long so here goes. Finally a direct sequel (that's not a prequel) to the Star Wars movie series. What I like about this movie is the new characters and the returning characters. The new actors have done their job really well. The returning actors like Harrison Ford did their job really well too. Ford doesn't lost his Han Solo side.

The effects on this movie is great too, I like it. Not too flashy like Episodes I - III. The movie still have those modern CG models and scenes, because this is 2015 but they've used some animatronics in some parts of the movie.

Like the movie's effects, Lightsaber combat is awesome and similar to the Lightsaber combat in Episodes IV - VI. I really don't like the combat in the prequels... too choreographed and full of flare and style.

The story is great, it's fast paced (not boring) but there are plot holes that I hope to get addressed in the sequels (yes, sequels... up to Episode IX maybe), like who is this guy with the awesome "Excalibur-type" red Lightsaber and what his back story before Episode VII? The humor is great too and not cheesy and out of the place. There are also some predictable moments in the movie, if you've watched all the episodes that is. 

I will end this post here because I don't want to spill the juicy details and I purposely didn't mention some stuff. I definitely recommend watching this movie. Great cast, story and moments and I'm looking forward to Episode VIII. Go watch it.


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