December 21, 2015

Final Fantasy VII Remake Play Arts Kai Figures

I knew it! Well, this is bound to happen anyway. I would be weird if SQEX decided not to make these Final Fantasy VII Remake Play Arts Kai action figures, right?

Prototype versions are displayed at Jump Festa 2015 event on Japan. The prototype figures are Cloud and Barret, I'm guessing this is their first set and the third figure on this set is probably Tifa.

Cloud Strife
Cloud looks great. This prototype only have a Buster Sword. There are no other accessories present on this figure yet, but I hope to see more soon, probably a couple of Materias or an extra face/head.

Barret Wallace
Next up is Barret. He looks great too, I like the Gatling Gun and the new shades. Looks like the arms, especially the shoulders and biceps are the same sculpt as the Advent Children version of Barret, of course the forearms and hand have different sculpt to match the classic Barret look (with added modern look). The only accessory is just a hand, like Cloud, I hope to see more accessories on this figure.

There you have it, now I'm excited to see the main party: Tifa, Aerith, Red XIII, Cid, Cait Sith, Vincent and Yuffie. I'm aiming to complete this set even if some characters unfortunately didn't make it as a PAK figure.

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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