December 02, 2015

[Art Related] Beatrix

Sorry for posting this late, because I have other projects to finish. It's better late than never, right? As promised here's the artwork of my 5th original character. Click "Read more" to check it out :D

She's Beatrix. I can't think of a better normal name but this name best describes her personality and appearance. I added a bit more info about her in my deviantART page.

I finished drawing her last month (11-24-2015). I posted this artwork late due to other projects and work. This is a mouse-only artwork and I can see the improvement, but it's not yet at par with my graphics tablet/stylus-drawn artworks. I'm also practicing on different mouth types and expressions.

My next drawing exercise is a secret and probably the most difficult one especially if you're self-learning how to draw.

Please visit my deviantART page for more artwork, photos and photo edits. Thanks! :D


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