March 11, 2017

So I Watched Logan

It's been a week since its showing and I never thought that I'll still wait in a long line to get my movie tickets on this third Wolverine movie. This is Hugh Jackman's last movie to play as Wolverine, A.K.A. Logan.

The story is set in the future, 2029 and the mutants gone extinct. Logan is now a hired limo driver and he looks old and weak. Why he's old and weak? well... not telling! The movie starts up when Logan (he's going by his real name, James Howlet, by the way) suddenly woke up and saw the wheel of his limo is being stolen by thugs. The thugs shot Logan with a shotgun and here we notice that Logan's body is struggling to heal itself, he also struggles to extend his claws. But he got upup and wasted some of the thugs. After some scenes, he encounters a nurse that requested him to take the girl named Laura (Dafne Keen) to the border so that she will be safe from the people who made her. If you're a comic book fan, you'll probably know who Laura is and the comic book it's based on.

Ok, this movie have some The Last of Us (video game) vibe in it, and that's good in my opinion. Logan himself look like Joel and Laura is like Ellie.

The movie hints on how the mutants had gone extinct and why no more mutant babies being born. Charles Xavier's (Patrick Stewart) brain is now a weapon of mass destruction because of his old age and frequent seizures that makes his powers uncontrollable so he must take some special medicine to prevent it. This probably killed all (or most of) the mutants. My theory is that this happened while Xavier have the Cerebro on while his first brain seizure occured. I didn't watch the previous X-men movie (Apocalypse) so I don't know if the "Cerebro mutant killing" happened there. Now enough about them spoilers!

The movie have some funny scenes that will make you laugh. The movie also have some really emotional scenes that will pull the heartstrings of some people especially those who watched all or most of the X-men movies. There's a scene where everyone in the cinema all went silent and I hear some of them making that sad "aww" sound. If you're asking, yeah I almost cried. And being rated R, this movie have one exposed titties, lots of claws piercing through the head, beheadings, limb chopping and other brutal kills which suited the character, Wolverine and X-23.

This is probably Hugh Jackman's and Patrick Stewart's best portrayal as Logan and Xavier. I can see their long friendship in the story, they're like father and son. The other actors also did a pretty good job. Laura doesn't speak much, but Dafne Keen nailed the character's wild screams and attacks. While watching the movie, I always wanted to punch the cowardly villain, Pierce. That means Boyd Holbrook did a good job as that character.

For effects, they're there, it's pretty good and not exaggerated, This is very fitting for the setting and mood of this movie.

I didn't notice the soundtrack very much because I'm focused on the story and action. Yeah the story and action is super good.

Now watch this movie! This movie is great. The story is well delivered and explains things very clearly. The characters did an awesome job so thumbs or "claws up" for them. Oh let me remind you, there are no post credit scenes in this movie. Well, maybe it's because this is the end of Wolverine's story. I don't know if they will still make more X-men related movies though.


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