March 04, 2017

Fan Art: The Silencer

If you're over 30 years old and a long time gamer, or someone younger that love all kinds of video games from the past and present. Well, you'll probably know this silent protagonist that wears a red special infantry suit. He is known as "The Captain" by his comrades and "rebel scum" by his enemies. But what he is is called a Silencer.

I'm such an old fan of Origin's Crusader series (No Remorse and No Regret) so I made a sort of re-imagining fan art of the protagonist, The Silencer. He's like the angrier brother of Bobba Fett. I never went super stylized on this character's design. I just added a few lines and streamlined his suit, so he looks close to the original but looks modern to fit in newer games.

The Silencer
I kinda suck at drawing guns but the assault rifle design is original (because I forgot how the guns in this game originally looks like). I also added some objects like the crates and the exploding radio active/bio-hazard barrel.

The reason why I drew him because of the forgotten and canceled PSP remake of the game that I saw on the internet years ago. Why I drew him now, you ask? Well because I need some inspiration to draw this guy and, you know, I slack off sometimes.

This sketch was made 02.16.2017


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