March 01, 2017

[Toy Review] Sephiroth FFVII:AC Play Arts Kai

The One Winged Angel cometh! Final Fantasy VII's evil mama's boy, Sephiroth finally arrived at my place in Play Arts Kai action figure form for an honest review. Huh, if you get this action figure, you kinda get almost all versions of him: the original (or remake), Crisis Core and Advent Children versions because he wears the same clothing in those two games and movie.

"On your knees, I want you to beg for forgiveness."
~ Sephiroth ~


Front and back of the box

I said earlier, he's three versions in one. SQEX could slap a FFVII remake logo on the box but they didn't do it. So for consistency, Sephiroth's coffin-type box have the Advent Children title, logo and design. The front have the large product shot of Sephiroth and all the necessary logos. The back shows more Sephiroth product shots.

Front cover opened
Open the front cover to view the action figure and its accessories. You can also read some info about Sephiroth and the movie at the left hand side. The sword and wing are securely held by thick plastic cuffs, better get a sharp cutter or scissors to take them off.

He's now out to do something not good.
Packaging includes: Sephiroth figure, Masamune (sword), One black wing, Sword gripping left hand, Open right hand, L/R relaxed open hands and a Display stand


We got another tall one. Sephiroth might be the tallest PAK figure in my collection, we'll see at the SCALING section of this review. And yes, this figure is a massive upgrade from the old Play Arts version. This figure is lighter than I expected.

Sephiroth on four sides
SQEX really did a good job on making this action figure, it looks great and totally accurate to its movie/game counterpart. The sculpt work of the figure makes it highly presentable.

He's pale and his lips are grayish.
The headsculpt of PAK Sephiroth is so accurate it's amazing and its paintjob is great. I wouldn't ask for an alternate sculpt because Sephiroth have few facial expressions. If you angle his head for example make him look a bit lower he will smirk, optical illusion!

Wow Sephiroth really is a master of his sword.
If not, then his long hair would cut off.
His long silver hair is really soft and it's translucent. It looks good when you shine a light behind the figure making it look epic in some poses.

Yeah, he's too cool to wear the standard SOLDIER uniform.
For a SOLDIER 1st Class, Sephiroth wears an awesome black coat. He only wears the crossed belts and SOLDIER belt underneath, no undershirt so he can show his manly chest. The coat have dry brush with some shadings applied and lots of straps with metallic silver buckles. The skin's paintjob is fine, no exaggerated skin shadings.

The lower part of the coat and the legs.
The coat is made of flexible plastic and made into three parts: Two on both sides (lower coat part) and the other one is part of the torso (front and back), it's long and overlaps the two lower parts at the back. No coat articulation, I think SQEX is cutting costs on the ball hinges and don't want to mess this figure up. No complaints here because it looks good even if you spread the coat parts out.

The pauldrons have scratches.
The arms features white two-layered pauldrons and lots of coat wrinkles for detail. The paintjob makes the pads look dirty.

Look at that arm.
The cuffs are just gray, I thought the pauldrons and the cuffs are silver. The top layer pauldrons are soft but not articulated, they're sculpted with the coat.

That's a long pair of boots!
The black pants have... yes, more wrinkles for detail. The paintjob is fine with gray dry brush. The long boots covers the legs up to the lap and features some straps, some wrinkles and linings.

The boots are detailed too.
Their outsoles are threaded and the thread design is consistent to the design of the SOLDIER logo.

[left] The back
[right] Back piece removed.

At the back of the figure, there's a piece that can be removed, it's not noticeable thanks to the hair and toy design. It's removable because that's the place where you connect the wing accessory.


PAK Sephiroth only have the standard stuff. He got his Masamune sword and two pairs of extra hands...

Sephiroth's stuff
...but what makes this figure awesome is that SQEX included his single black wing. It makes this figure much better than the PA version.

The Masamune is very long and taller than all most PAK figures. The sword might poke your face, especially your eyes (it happened to me), when posing Sephiroth, he loves to slice, poke and stab even in action figure form.

Single black wing
The black wing is highly detailed and got ball-hinges for articulation.

One Winged Angel, Sephiroth
The wing have some weight making the figure heavier which can cause some balancing issues when equipped. The wing detaches sometimes while you pose it. I think you can mod and put some magnet and metal on the wing and figure respectively or vice versa.

The extra hands
The extra set of hands looks good, they're just all black. The old PA version have a right gripping hand, but this newer version don't so score one for the classic.

Holding the Masamune
The left gripping hand is for holding the sword...

Shall I give you dis pear? (pear missing!)
...while the open right hand is for poses and to support the left hand while Sephiroth is doing his fighting stance.

Doing a monologue
The open pair of relaxed hands is just for poses and more gestures.

The display stand
The display stand, if you wish to use it, will benefit Sephiroth because he can fight on the ground and air, plus he can fly.


Look at that evil smirk
It may not look like it, but Sephiroth is highly articulated, the downside is that it can be difficult to pose him because of the coat.

Sephiroth's fighting stance
The head can move and look around, but can't look way up because of the collar. The neck joint helps the head to look and lean. The hair is articulated, you might miss this one because it's hidden.

Holding the Masamune back-handed
The torso can be a bit difficult to pose because of the coat. The chest can move nicely, but if you lean it far to the back, you'll notice a small gap in front. The waist can move too, just find the part's sweet spot so that you can pose it easier.

Serious mode (as seen in Crisis Core)
The shoulder ball-hinges are placed a bit more in front, making them very effective "butterfly" hinges.

The Aeris/Aerith Killer move (as seen in FFVII)
The bicep can swivel and it's kinda hidden. The elbows can move and swivel just fine but the ball-hinge is an eyesore. The wrist ball-hinge can move just fine too.

Sword swing
The legs can twist and have a thigh swivel that looks ugly when used, good thing that the coat can hide that. The coat can spread so the legs can spread sideways pretty well. The legs can go far in front and a bit at the back,

Preparing for a special move
The double-hinged knee moves well like standard PAK knees. But no crouching poses for Sephiroth, the coat will just bounce him off-balance.

Defensive stance
The ball-hinge ankles moves great, they can point up, down and pivot. The feet have toe hinges.

Just imagine he's flying
The wing is three-piece and have ball-hinges. Let me remind you that equipping this wing may cause some balancing issues on the figure.

I did my best to cover his body with his wing.
The wing articulation is pretty good and can be a bit cumbersome to pose. But it really does make Sephiroth even cooler.


It's time for a size comparison. It would suck if PAK Sephiroth is short, so let see.

Another FFVII character added
Let's compare him first with the other FFVII:AC characters. As you can see he's taller than Cloud, Tifa and Barret.

With characters from other FF games.
When it comes to other Final Fantasy characters, He is still the tallest compared to Noctis (FFXV), Gabranth (FFXII) and Fran (FFXII).

Wow, he's really tall.
Lightning (LR:FFXIII), Serah (FFXIII), Sora (KH3D) and Riku (KH2) are shorter than Sephiroth.

Sephiroth with a mix of other characters from different game titles
Raiden (MGR) can hand over his "tallest PAK figure in my collection title" to Sephiroth because even with straightened legs and heels, he's still shorter. Lara Croft (RotTR) and Harley Quinn (B:AK) are short but have nice scaling next to Sephiroth. Leon (RE6) is the shortest.

Sephiroth with the Variants designed by Nomura
I have no complaints on Sephiroth's scaling comparison with Catwoman (Variant) and Hatsune Miku (Variant).

"Ha! Deadpool cameo. Hey Sephiroth, nice long sword. I bet your other sword is a chode."
I'll just throw in Deadpool (FT) just for the heck of it. Well, Mr. Pool is shorter.

To be honest, while it's good that Sephiroth is the tallest figure in the FFVII:AC PAK series and in my entire collection, I still expected him to be a bit more taller.


Bad paintwork!
No problems like broken parts and missing pieces on the PAK Sephiroth that I got. He only have a minor but very obvious issue: the chipped paint on one of the left cuff of his coat.


PAK Sephiroth is a great action figure, I really like it. It's made pretty well and got a nice presence in my collection. Sephiroth only have the necessary accessories and I think he doesn't need any more stuff. The wing is a very nice and awesome addition, by the way. This figure priced cheaper than the recently released PAK figures probably because it didn't use extra ball-hinges for the coat. That lower price, in my opinion, is kinda the acceptable price range for newer PAK figures. Fans of FFVII and Sephiroth, get this action figure quick because he's a best seller and he will get out of stock real soon as you read this review!

It's been a while since I made a toy photo edit. This is just a quick one, hope you guys like it. :D

He's about to do the stab-stab-stab-stab-stab-stab-stab-stab.
For more of this kind of edits visit my deviatART page.

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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