January 31, 2018

Total Lunar Eclipse 2018

I just looked up in the night sky while riding a bike then I saw something strange, why is the moon turning red? That's when I realized that it's a total lunar eclipse. I haven't watched the news this morning that's why I don't know that a lunar eclipse is going to happen tonight.

Good thing that the sky is clear so I rushed to my room, picked up my DSLR and snapped some photos. By the way, this is a special total lunar eclipse because tonight is when the moon is big (super moon) and a blue moon at the same time. Really ominous for those who are superstitious... a blue moon turning to a blood moon.

Date: January 31, 2018
Location: Philippines
Time: The eclipse started around 8:00PM and the moon got totally covered by the Earth's shadow around 9:30PM,

The white light came from the street lamp.
The lines that you see are the electrical wires
Here's the best photo that I got. This is just using a DSLR with a standard kit lens (18-55mm) in manual settings. I wish I have a nice lens that can zoom farther.

A much darker version of the same image. Less white light.
This is the edited version. By tweaking the image's Curve settings in Photoshop, I managed to almost remove the ambient white light from the street lamp and get a clearer image.

Zooming in by enlarging the photo.
I also made an enlarged version. Here the moon looks like Mars and some details of the moon's surface are visible.

This is the third total lunar eclipsed I witnessed and it's awesome to watch a celestial event. Nature had a cool way to end the month of January 2018.


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