June 16, 2018

[Toy Review] CID HIGHWIND & CAIT SITH - FFVII:AC Play Arts Kai

He's an alcoholic, chain-smoker and foulmouthed like Barret... yep, he's a cranky-legged old man (Yuffie said it), but he lighten up a bit two years later. That's right, he's Cid Highwind from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Oh wait, he's with Reeve's puppet, Cait Sith... what an unlikely duo. This is a Play Arts Kai action figures of Cid and Cait Sith is included making this technically a two action figure bundle.

"She's a beaut! My Shera, the lastest model.
I'll give you the grand tour afterward!"
~ Cid Highwind ~


Front and back of the box

If you have FFVII:AC PAK figures then you will be familiar with the design of Cid and Cait Sith's box. In front you see a large product shot of the two figures and the usual logos. The back shows more poses of the figures.

Front cover opened
Open the front cover to check out the two figures and their accessories through the box's viewing window. You can read some info about these two and the movie's story on the backside of the front cover.

The two are out and smells the fresh air.
Packaging includes 1: Cid figure, Spear (two parts), L/R gripping hands, L/R open hands, Display stand
Packaging includes 2: Cait Sith figure, Megaphone, Right gripping hand, Left fist, L/R pointing finger hands



Just like the majority of the main party in Advent Children, Cid has been redesigned.

Looking at Cid on four sides.
He looks so simple, he looks like just an ordinary guy without his spear. But this action figure looks really cool and not that heavy.

He got a big grin on his face.
His face looks younger in the movie, same to his PAK figure counterpart. Well he's not that old, he's in his 30's, He got his usual wide grin. If you look closer, the teeth aren't painted well. It's not noticeable from a distance. His jaws have few sculpts and shadings for that rugged/textured look and feel.

Cid's goggles
His hair are sculpted pretty well and it got darker shadings. Cid is also wearing his goggles, the straps are fine with silver buckles. The glass of the goggles are metallic silver, I wish they put clear plastic instead. There's a white thing near the left eye, is that a band aid?

Cid's blue tee.
Cid is wearing a normal blue shirt. It looks so simple, but it got some wrinkles for detail and it got some nice shadings.

The dogtags.
He's also wearing a dog tag. It's sculpted though, but it looks good and painted really well. It would be much awesome if this is a separate accessory.

The arm have a ribbon.
His arms looks good. It got nice skin tone and shadings. He's wearing long brown, leathery and textured gloves for both arms with silver buckles. The left arm have a pink ribbon tied on the bicep, a tribute to a fallen friend.

Nice jacket.
He also have his brown jacket tied around his waist. Its cuffs have silver buttons and the zipper is painted metallic silver. The jacket is a separate loose piece (not sculpted along with the crotch piece).

Cid's cargo pants
Cid's olive drab cargo pants looks normal, it got a lot of wrinkles. The side pockets looks nice with their painted buttons. The bottom end of the pants have some tiny details.

The boots.
The boots looks standard, but looks similar to Cloud and Barret's boots.

These boots are also treaded underneath for detail


Cait Sith didn't change much in the movie, except he's not using his huge mascot bot to fight, he's just seen riding Red XIII (I still don't have the figure *cries*).

Looking at Cait Sith of four sides.
For a tiny figure, Cait Sith is highly detailed. It's weird that he got bundled with Cid. He's expected to be included with Red XIII just like the old Play Arts version.

He's a happy moogle-looking cat.
Cait Sith's face have a huge happy smile. He got white fur around his face, ears are painted pinkish and the rest of the head is painted black with some highlights.

Cait Sith is cartoonish.
He got three strands of bangs for that goofy, cartoony look and he's wearing a tiny gold crown.

Cait Sith's birthday suit.
Cait Sith is naked, but he's a puppet that looks like a cat so no problems there. The front of his body have white fur, the rest are black

The red cape
He's wearing a red cape to make his cartoonish look more effective.

His arms are tiny, but not his hands.
His arms have black colored fur and wearing huge, boxing glove-like white gloves which looks really dirty, don't like it. Like Cid's, Cait Sith's left arm sports a pink ribbon around the bicep.

The furry legs.
Both legs are black, nothing worth mentioning here except for its furry details

The tail
Cait Sith's tail also have furry details and its tip is painted white.

The boots looks simple
Cait Sith is wearing huge brown clown-type boots. No details underneath the boots.


Being a two action figure bundle. Both Cid and Cait Sith have their own set of accessories. That's really nice.
All of Cid and Cait Sith's stuff
That's all of them and I will group them by their owners for this review.


Cid's stuff
Cid only have the standard amount of stuff and I can't think of what to add. He got his spear that comes in two parts. For extra hands, he got a pair of gripping hands and a pair of styled open hands.

Spear: unassembled
Cid's spear comes in two parts and requires assembly. Most of its parts have gun metal paint application. There are white wrappings around the spear that serve as grips.

Spear: assembled
The spear is long and it's light. It will not make the hands flop down which is good for posing but that makes it also feel fragile. The blade's tip is pointy, be careful not to poke your eyes when trying to pose the figure with its spear.

Cid's extra hands
Cid's extra pair of gripping hands are for holding the spear one or two handed and the fingers of the pair of open hands are spread wide for stylish poses.


Cait Sith's stuff
Cait Sith's accessories are one piece plenty than Cid's because he lacks articulations on the arms. Cait Sith have his megaphone, extra left and right arms and four extra hands. And again, I can't think of anything more to add.

Megaphone - Cait Sith's weapon of choice in FFVII
The Megaphone is gold with green studs or gems. The design is simple and looks fine.

Extra pair of arms for Cait Sith.
The extra pair of arms are there to compensate for Cait Sith's lack of elbow articulation. The arms are easy to swap.

Cait Sith's extra hands.
Cait Sith have a gripping right hand for holding the megaphone. The extra pair of fists and a left pointing hand are for other poses. Again these extra hands looks really dirty.

Display stand
Cid will make a good use on the display stand because his attacks involves jumping high and stabbing his foes with his spear. But I'm not gonna use this.



Checking out the Shera from the ground.
Just by looking, I know that this PAK Cid figure is highly poseable, still I want to test that just in case there might be parts that will limit this toy's articulation

Cid making himself look cool.
The head can fully rotate. It had difficulty looking up because of the back of his hair, looking down is fine and it can tilt. The neck joint improves the movement range of the head.

Knuckle crunching
Both arms can raise forward and sideward really well. This figure have the new shoulder joints instead of the ball-hinges. The biceps can swivel and they're nicely hidden by the sleeves. The left arm of my Cid figure is kinda loose but not loose enough to flop down.

Both arms have elbow and wrist ball-hinges. As always, they move pretty good. No complaints there.

Acting like he's a mad (or angry) scientist.
I don't know if the chest got the hinge-ball peg combo because I didn't hear or felt any clicks. It doesn't reveal any huge gaps when you pose it side to side and leaning it.

Ready for combat!
Waist articulation also works well. It can move left and right really well and doesn't expose any major gaps thanks to Cid's jacket.

"Bring it on!"
Both legs can raise up forward and sidewards very well and can move back a little bit. The legs can also twist and the leg swivel joint doesn't look bad, in my opinion.

Calculating how high will he jump
As usual, the double-hinge knees have nice range of motion. It looked good while straight, but it reveals the ugly gaps/cavities on the leg sculpt when you bend them.

Cid's Jump attack
The feet have ankle ball-hinges that makes the feet point up and down and pivot.


Fist pump!
Cait Sith have limited articulation but it's enough for this character that didn't do anything much in the movie...

"Huh? What's that big scary dragon thing flying over Edge?"
Cait Sith's head can move surprisingly well, thanks to the hidden ball-hinge that serves as his head/neck articulation. But you can't tilt Cait Sith's head for a bit of attitude.

No upper body and waist articulation which is unfortunate because it's still possible to put at least a chest articulation for this Cait Sith figure.

Got his megaphone and ready to issue some commands.
His arms can move just like how the arms of the Trading Arts Kai Mini figures move. they got a ball joint for articulation that can make them raise up/down and twist a bit.

Pointing at something interesting.
Over-posing the arms will get them detached from the figure. Don't worry, they can be reattached easily, because they're interchangeable. The hands can only swivel.

Just sitting around looking like a stuffed toy.
The legs can only swivel and they move in an angle. The left leg of my Cait Sith figure is loose, it gets removed every time I move it. Both feet can only swivel.


Cid is kinda tall in the game and movie, so let's see if the height of this Cid figure is accurate or not with the rest of my PAK figures, especially the FFVII:AC figures. It's obvious that Cait Sith is very short, I'll just add him in the comparison anyway.

Man, my FFVII PAK figures are increasing in number.
Cid is taller than Cloud (FFVII:AC) and Tifa (FFVII:AC). He's about the same height as Zack (CC:FFVII) and he's shorter than Barret (FFVII:AC) and Sephiroth (FFVII:AC). If you think about it, Cloud is the shortest male playable character in FFVII.

Cid and Cait Sith with the guys from FFXV and FFXIV.
Cid is taller than Noctis (FFXV) based on eye level. Cid is also taller than the girls: Lunafreya (FFXV), Cindy (FFXV) and a fellow Highwind, Aranea (FFXV). Nanamo (FFXIV) is about the same height as Cait Sith, because she's sitting.

Cid and Cait Sith with the people of Ivalice and Coccoon.
Again, based on the eye level, Cid is about the same height as Fran (FFXII) and Gabranth (FFXII). Serah (FFXIII) and Lightning (LR:FFXIII) are shorter than Cid.

The colorful crew.
Sora (KH3D), Riku (KH2), Lightning (Dissidia) and Diablos Armor (MH4) are shorter than Cid.

Cid and Cait Sith with random people.
Raiden (MGR) is taller than Cid while Lara Croft (RotTR), Harley Quinn (B:AK) and Leon Kennedy (RE6) are shorter.

With the Variants designed by Nomura.
Hatsune Miku (Variant) and Catwoman (Variant) are shorter than Cid.


There are few quality issues found on my Cid figure, but mostly paint issues. There's a noticeable line near the collar of Cid's shirt making it look like Cid accidentally drew a line on his shirt.


Well, that's a long review because I just reviewed two action figures in one post. Overall, Cid PAK action figure is great when it comes to presentation and articulations. Cait Sith gave me a surprise because of his poseability for a tiny figure, he also look good too. In my opinion, the price is justified because you get two action figures that have their own accessories. Cid and Cait Sith are both very welcome in my collection. This almost completes the Advent Children PAK figures when it comes to the main party characters, the only character missing is Aerith. So if you're a fan of FFVII, get this figure.

Here's a little comic...

...and a nice photo of Nanamo with Cait Sith.

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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