June 12, 2018

TOYCON 2018 Part 2: Filipino Originals

Time for part 2, and it's Independence Day! This one is all about Filipino superheroes and culture. What a nice patriotic day to post the 2nd part of my ToyCon 2018 experience.

Halimaw! Sculptures is back this year and they still have the same statues displayed. And I think these statues are now for sale and I bet they're going to be expensive.

I'm still impressed on how these statues look. This one is Captain Barbel. He got this barbel that transforms and powers him up to be the superhero. I remember watching its old movie as a kid. Captain Barbel also had a TV show.

She is Darna, and her real name is Narda. She swallows a magic stone that will change her look and give her super powers. She's like Wonderwoman. Like Captain Barbel, Darna had a lot of movies and a TV show.

Lastikman is a lesser known superhero but he got three movies and a TV show. He's similar to DC's Plastic Man and Marvel's Mr. Fantastic when it comes to super powers.

Valentina is one of Darna's enemies. The design of her statue is reminiscent to Medusa.

Yeah Halimaw! Sculptures have a nice booth with very large statues of the Filipino superheroes.

Are they selling this too or they're just here for display. Anyway this is Captain Barbel with a different costume design.

Darna retains her original design...

...same as Lastikman. I wish they make smaller scale of these statues because I want them on my collection. And I want these Filipino superheroes have a new movie, I would gladly watch their movies.

Next one is Carlo J. Caparas' Kamagong. I really don't know much about the Kamagong series but I'm looking forward to watch its anime-inspired animated series that's based on Filipino martial arts and cultural history.

He's explaining what a Kamagong is. Kamagong is translated as a tree's root that as hard as steel. Bagtas, the protagonist of Kamagong have two wooden batons (Arnis) that's made of that steel root. I lack photos and stuff on this part because this is where my battery ran out of juice and I'm about to go home.

Anyway they also have a figure of Bagtas that comes in two sizes. This one is smaller scale and it looks really nice.

And this one is a bit bigger and packed with details in a simple design. It got a nicely detailed display base.

The small panel that I watched also have cosplayers dressed as the four characters in the animation. By the way, the animation is done by Sinag Animation Studios.

I think the makers of this statues, comics, movie and TV series did a good job on introducing these Filipino heroes to the new generation of Filipinos and it's awesome. I wish a Filipino toy company will make action figures of these characters.

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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