June 12, 2018

TOYCON 2018 Part 3: The Toy Gallery

Just like last year, ToyCon have a large space for toy collecting groups to display their toy collection as part of the exhibit. Wow there are a lot of toys on display here.

This is just a quick browse, sorry if I posted fewer pictures this year. I arrived late and I'm in a hurry.


Anyway, let's start with the groups where I am also a member of like the Play Arts Kai Philippines group.

This year they share the space with the Storm Collectibles Philippines. Mortal Kombat action figures looks awesome.

I'm also interested on collecting Storm Collectibles action figures because they look really cool, packed with detail and looks accurate to the in-game counterparts of the characters.

Since PAK Philippines and SC Philippines share the space there are fewer Play Arts Kai action figures on display but they displayed the Nier: Automata Bring Arts action figures. I heard these action figures are really good.

They displayed PAK figures from Final Fantasy XV and it lacks Lunafreya and Nyx. Overall it's a pretty nice display. Still, where can I buy the PAK figures of the other 3 FFXV boys?


This group focuses on all Square-Enix merchandise and this year they feature Final Fantasy XIII merch.

I was hoping for someone to make the Dissidia Lightning ride the Odin FFXIII PAK action figure. And what do you know, someone did it! It looks good scale-wise too, nice!

This is Lightning wearing the default Equilibrium garb but wait somethings different...

Wow she got her shades from the Lightning Returns intro. Who made these pair of shades? I wanna know!

They also made a custom Lumina action figure too! Looks like they used some parts from the Serah PAK figure.

More FFXIII figures! Look at Sazh at the back, he got a bricked version of of his son, Dajh... Wait! there are two newcomers here.

They also have a custom Caius and Noel figures too! That custom Caius fiuge looks good. Noel's action figure is going to be difficult to make because of his pants if the maker is using plastic on all parts but whoever made this made the right choice to give this custom figure pants made from cloth.

Lastly, they displayed random FFXIII figures at the bottom part of the display case. They have a couple of Lightnig PAK figures custom-painted.


MGS Philippines are back this year too and they have a fewer display but I will focus just on their PAK figures. I'm not yet a member of this group. I lack MGS figures, I only got Raiden.

They have a nice small diorama of the boss fight between Solid Snake and a... custom Revolver Ocelot PAK figure!? Cue the alert sound!

Here's a closer look of the old guy Ocelot custom figure. Really nice custom work, good job!

They also have an MSG4 diorama starring an MSF soldier as Johnny and a... custom Old Snake PAK figure!? Cue the alert sound, again!

This custom Old Snake figure looks amazing. It uses the Ground Zeroes Snake body with a custom headsculpt and equipped it with the bandolier and lots of weapon and magazine pouches. Once again, good job!


I'm a member of figmanila, but I still don't have a figma figure. Anyway, they have a display this year too.

They have Fate characters on display. Three of them are new like Jeanne, Shielder and Tamamo. Like I said, I'm not a fan of the Fate series but they have really nice character designs.

Figmanila also have a diorama display of random characters. The only guy I know on this photo is Egashira.


One Sixth Pinoy have a lot of diorama display this year.

This side have the World War II Japanese soldiers.

And this side have the American Marines. There are lots of soldier and police 1/6 scale figures on this display, I was just quickly passing by. The thing I noticed is that there are no 1/6 scale vehicles on display.


To end this part, here are some random photos of the toys that caught my attention

I don't know, these figures look like custom-made. They look great.

Look at these two versions of Batman, awesome stuff. I like the way these two figures look. And for some reason, I think these are custom-made too.

That's a lot of First Order troops.

And Darth Vader's army are small in comparison to the First Order on the picture above. I guess Darth Vader is powerful enough.

Look, it's Carboard Gundam! It's nicely made too, I wish they painted this one.

That concludes Part 3. Like I said I just went in for a quick browse but I still stopped when I saw the displays of the groups that I joined and took some more pictures of random toys on display.

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Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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