October 15, 2017

Wow, It's Been 5 Years Already!?

Today marks that 5th anniversary of the Randomly Random blog (well based on the very first post). It's time to celebrate! To be honest, I don't know how to celebrate this blog in an awesome way. Oh wait, I changed the blog's entire appearance and stuff. Well that one tribute I made for this blog page.

A refresher: this is where I post some of my works (artwork, drawings, layout designs, videos) and I also review and talk about some toys. As for PETRIFIED DESIGNS, it's a long story that goes way back to my college years. For more info, visit the ABOUT page.

Next, the new look on this blog. I was so excited to change the look of this blog page that I did it early this year and added/edited/removed some stuff afterwards.

Randomly Random 5th Anniversary Changelog:
- New and simple-looking theme for faster page loading
- CSS style blog menu
- Added HCF video game reviews list page
- Added Latest Video Game Review gadget on the sidebar
- Minor format change in the toy reviews.
- I made new icons for my other pages (deviantART, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
- Shadow effects on the sidebar and its title texts (looks ugly when you're viewing this page on a smartphone that doesn't support fonts like "Impact")
- By using CSS/HTML, I tweaked some texts that can't be edited in Blogger's theme editor

Overall it's a simple color change and few added CSS coding like the new menu with drop down effect. I'm still learning on how to fix the drop down menu problem that occurs if you use an add-on to block ads. I've already added a temporary lame fix by clicking REVIEWS. I also included a new gadget on the sidebar where I put my latest video game review on our video game blog page HCF.

The Drawings
I haven't been uploading some drawings lately, slacking mode. I already filled up my sketchbook months ago and I got more hand-drawn art like this to upload (no colors, I still suck at it) so expect some of those to be posted here in the future and here's a preview of two of 'em.

The top one is a fan art. The bottom is an original character.
I can't post all my sketches because some are confidential concept art of my new characters and revised designs of my original characters and their equipment.

Where are the Toy Edits?
You're probably wondering why I stopped adding toy edits at the end of my review. Well, I ran out of ideas and original materials like background photos for the Lara Croft PAK figure for example. Right now I don't have the time to go out to far places to take photos of forests, ruins, etc..

Sephiroth flying around to nail 8x stab damage.
I did make few toy edits though and that's for my review of Sephiroth PAK and Fran PAK.

Skate Videos
By the way, I made skate videos like this. I want to make a new page for them but three videos aren't enough. If you want to view them, visit my YouTube page.

It's not me, it's my fellow skater, Hajji doing an ollie off the stage
The quality isn't great, I can only render short vids in 720p but thanks if you watched my videos. I'm not making new videos right now because the rest of our skate clips needs a re-shoot and my camera for video recording is broken. I don't want to borrow equipment, it's risky filming skate videos and I don't want to accidentally break someone's expensive stuff because of a skater's error while performing a trick.

My Toy Collection
I noticed that I've been focusing a lot on toys that's why I'm trying to mix things up a bit by adding my thoughts on the movies I watched and new kinds food that I tried. So yes, toys! Here's my toy collection so far and I reviewed all of them (and few random toys).

Here's 19 of my large scale Play Arts Kai action figures
That Deadpool is NOT a PAK figure
I'm running out of space on my toy display shelf so I kept some of my old Play Arts, Play Arts Kai and other toys back in their boxes. I need a new larger shelf and have it custom-made according to my design.

Lightning and Kairi
My Lightning FFXIII-2 PAK figure and Kairi Play Arts figure are still displayed on my bedside table.

Mini Final Fantasy characters with Bombshells Harley Quinn
My Trading Arts Kai Mini figures are displayed on my TV table with my single DC Collectible figure, Bombshells Harley Quinn. I think it's time to collect Trading Arts Kai Mini again.

So that's about it! I can't believe it's already been 5 years since I started this blog. I can see the improvements, but there are some setbacks, things that I planned that aren't put into action yet and promises to be fulfilled. Even though I'm getting busier in life, I will still continue to post stuff and toy reviews.

To you guys, either a regular or just a random person wandering around the net who found this blog page, thank you! I also thank those who liked, commented and shared my posts on social media (Facebook/Twitter).

Here's for more, more, MOAR years!

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