October 06, 2017

NYCC 2017: Play Arts Kai Action Figures

Another Comic Con event, this time in New York! Square-Enix displayed their Play Arts Kai action figures, previously revealed in past events. This means that this is SQEX kinda weak PAK display because they pulled their A-game during TGS 2017.

Source: @SquareEnix, Toyark.com

Still, we still got a clearer shot of Terra (Dissidia), Cid (FFVII:AC) and Zack

Thanks to the lighting, we can see Terra's face better. Huh, she got multiple ball-hinges for her cape, that doesn't look good.

Cid and Cait Sith looks good adding more hype for me. Yes, this Cait Sith action figure have articulations too.

Here's Zack in his gray prototype glory. If you want to see this action figure in color, check out this post. It's a good thing that Zack now have a PAK figure, I can ignore the remake Cloud PAK figure... for now.

Lightning also got a gray prototype treatment in NYCC 2017. If you want to see my first impressions and opinions on this figure, read this post.

Why is this guy still gray? Isn't it about time to reveal a painted prototype of the Justice League PAK figure of the Flash?

The Tactical Suit Batman from Justice League looks really good, too bad I'm now on the fence on picking this guy up. If you want to view some more pics of this figure, click here.

The Wonder Woman PAK figure looks weird here, maybe because of the lighting, angle and her pose. Good thing that I made my initial thoughts on this Wonder Woman PAK figure, check it out to see more pics of this toy.

There are other PAK figures on display too, but some of them are already released like the Variant PAKs of Doctor Strange, Magneto, Batman. Other unreleased figures like Aranea Highwind, War Machine are also here. You can buy and/or pre-order these toys now But before buying/pre-ordering, check out the links on the character names to read my initial thoughts and opinions on these toys and there are some pictures in there too.

This is a weak PAK display, I thought they will reveal a few new action figures or at least reveal a painted prototype versions of some figures in NYCC 2017.

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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