October 27, 2017

Zack Fair Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Play Arts Kai Action Figure Official Photos and Price

The official photos and price of the Play Arts Kai action figure of Zack Fair from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII finally got released, and here are some of my initial thoughts about this toy.

Zack Fair, The real SOLIDER 1st Class
Well, This Zack PAK figure looks really awesome and looks similar to the FFVII Remake Cloud when it comes to their appearance. It will look redundant if you place the two guys next to each other.

Doing the look-good-while-kneeling-on-one-knee pose
The colors are boring, mostly black because of his SOLDIER 1st Class uniform but the good thing is that the figure is really detailed. But those knees though... they look ugly.

Yep, that's all of 'em.
Zack got fewer accessories than remake Cloud. Only two pairs of hands, Angeal's Buster Sword and a peg for mounting the sword on Zack's back. I can think of many possible accessories that can make this toy better.

PAK Zack figure costs around $141.00 (around Php.7,400.00), pretty pricey as usual. You can pre-order this guy now and the release date is around March 2018. I'm getting this figure but I'm not going to pre-order it. Probably going to buy it late but not too late for me to get left out.

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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