October 18, 2017

Justice League The Flash Play Arts Kai Official Photos and Price

Finally, SQEX revealed the official photos of the Play Arts Kai action figure of the Flash from the Justice League movie.

The Flash
The gray prototype of the Flash PAK figure is displayed during SDCC 2017 and NYCC 2017. Now I'm hyped for this action figure because it looks so good!

Super sprinting
This Flash PAK action figure looks amazing in color. The proportions looks good and the color application looks great. Let's just hope that the main production version looks almost the same as this prototype when it gets released.

Just hands!
It's disappointing that Flash only have four accessories and all of them are hands. Where's the lightning effects? Come on, SQEX! The Flash is not the same without his lightning effects especially when he's in running pose! Now, my hype is fading...

Pre-orders are now up and this guy's priced around $142.00 (Php7300.00), too expensive for a toy that comes with only two pairs of hands. The release window of this figure is sometime around February 2018. So are you interested on buying this action figure?

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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