November 04, 2017

Fan Art: Vanessa (King of Fighters)

As promised, here's my fan art of Vanessa from the King of Fighters video game series! I made this months ago, by the way. Sorry for posting this late.

I made a sketch of her before she got announced as a DLC character for King of Fighters XIV. I always liked the design, gameplay and animations of Vanessa. I think Capcom kinda made their version of her in form of C.Viper, both are red-headed single moms and members of some organization or agency. Their only difference is that Vanessa is a pure boxer and C.Viper have enhanced wearable gadgets made for fighting.

I kinda messed up the proportions of this character because of my angled perspective while sketching her. But I like how I drew her confident face and her hairstyle. Her pose is the most dynamic pose that I drew so far using a normal pencil and paper. I will recreate this digitally someday.


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