November 28, 2017

FFVII: Advent Children Play Arts Kai Action Figure Cid Highwind and Cait Sith Official Photos and Price

The official photos of the Play Arts Kai action figure of Cid Highwind with Cait Sith are now available for our viewing pleasure. So what's up with these two action figures?

First off, I don't know why SQEX didn't follow the tradition that Cait Sith should be included in Red XIII's packaging. Still, these two looks very good.

The unlikely duo.
At last, we're getting a Cid Highwind action figure! It looks really good and I really like how tiny the articulation gaps are in Cid's figure. The details are pretty simple making the figure look clean and uncluttered with unnecessary folds and wrinkles, which I like. Cid is one of those few that doesn't wear black in Advent Children. It's a nice break from having too many characters that wear black clothing. 

Coming down from a high jump.
Wow that knee joint looks weird, still the upper part doesn't have those gaps.

Cait Sith
Now for Cait Sith, from what I see, his articulations are limited. This figure looks really detailed and nicely painted. Once I get these guys, I'll really regret not having a Red XIII PAK figure.

Cid and Cait Sith have their own accessories.
Together that's a lot of accessories. But individually, Cid only have his spear that can be separated into two pieces (for gripping purposes, I think?) and four extra hands while Cait Sith have interchangeable arms (to compensate for the lack of articulation), a megaphone(?) and four extra hands.

The Cid and Cait Sith Play Arts Kai action figure set costs around $133 (about Php.6,700). I think that's good enough price for an action figure with a bonus tiny figure included in the packaging. The release date for these guys is around April 2018. Definitely a must have for me and Cid's fans.

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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