December 10, 2017

What's Inside This Tiny Cardboard Box????

We brought home a small package from my sister in Canada. I think I know what's inside this box, because I've been waiting for this for months. I'm not expecting much after receiving it but still, I'm excited to unbox this thing to see what's inside.

For a tiny box, there are lots of stuff in it. It contains all the stuff we requested my sister to buy and few gifts for my baby godchild. But I won't be showing those stuff, instead I will be showing off (kinda) this specific item I requested my sister to buy online for me.

Thank you ate (translation: older sister)!
Oh, a Harley Quinn cameo!
Yes! It's the toy that I can't find here in the Philippines! I blurred it out for more mystery, but if you inspect this picture you'll probably know what this toy is. I will be reviewing this. Expect the review to be posted in the coming weekend or much later than that, it depends if I'm busy or not.

As for the box... I guess I will get a Snake PAK figure to give the box purpose.

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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