November 13, 2017

I Got a New Nintendo 2DS XL!

I bought a New Nintendo 2DS XL as a birthday gift for myself with the help of my aunts from Italy :D

I always wanted to buy a 3DS handheld console but I want its latest version so I waited till Nintendo announced the 2DS, a cheaper version of the 3DS without the 3D gimmick and on top of that, it got a charger on its packaging. I said "Meh, I'll wait a little longer". Few years later the New 2DS XL got announced and I was excited because this version got all the features of the New 3DS XL minus the 3D and it also got a charger. But I don't like the color choices. The two-toned N2DSXL doesn't have a black/red or white/red version, just black/blue and white/orange. Fast forward to this year, Nintendo announced the Pokeball Edtion of the N2DSXL during their Nintendo Direct and I was like "That's it! Time to buy a New 2DS XL.", and now I have it a week after my birthday.

That New Nintendo 2DS XL looks so good!
Why do I like this Pokeball Edition of the N2DSXL? Well because of its colors: red, white and black! Obviously this N2DSXL is themed after the Pokeball, an item that you use to catch those critters in the game called Pokemon, which I'm a fan of. It's disappointing that this version doesn't have any Pokemon games installed in it.

I forgot to add this: the store that I'm s a regular customer of gave me a free game, but I have to choose: Metroid Prime: Federation Force or Animal Crossing. I chose Metroid Prime: Federation Force because I'm a Metroid Fan and I've played Metroid Prime: Hunters on the DS and almost all 2D Metroid games, I still need to play Metroid 2.

I had help on buying this console because I just switched jobs and I have a few cash to spare so I asked my aunts to give me some cash to boost my budget. Thanks to my aunts, I got this console. Now I can semi-retire my Nintendo DS Lite that served me well for 12 years.

I already reviewed this console! You can check it out on HCF!


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