September 22, 2017

Tokyo Game Show 2017: Play Arts Kai / Bring Arts Action Figure Reveals Part 1

On Tokyo Game Show 2017, Square-Enix revealed some new Play Arts Kai and Bring Arts action figures. I'll say, SQEX really knows how to bring some (soon to be) leaving customers back! This post will focus first on Play Arts Kai action figures.

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SQEX also displayed some previously revealed PAK action figures during SDCC 2017 but in TGS 2017, some of those figures are now painted like Zack and Cid with Cait Sith.

Cid Highwind with Cait Sith
On my SDCC 2017 post, I didn't notice that Cait Sith is with Cid. How nice of SQEX to add the little guy, but I expected Cait Sith to be packaged along with Red XIII.

Zack Fair, the real SOLDIER 1st Class.
Here's Crisis Core's Zack Fair now painted. SQEX really know how to turn my wallet into ashes.

That Fenrir bike can store Cloud's swords!
According to Toyark, well as I can understand it, the Fenrir bike is a separate piece. So I'm guessing the Cloud FFVII:AC PAK figure is not included with the bike? I need more clear info!

But to me, the stars of the show are the new PAK action figures of Terra/Tina from Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade/NT and Vincent from FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus!

Terra/Tina Branford
A pleasant surprise!
Man, this PAK Terra figure looks so good! Final Fantasy VI is the first FF game I've finished (I played the original SNES version BTW) That's why I'm so very happy to see Terra in action figure form. She's a must have for me!

We meet again, Vincent Valentine.
This time I'm gonna get you!
One of my wishes came true! A new PAK figure of Vincent Valentine! SQEX made another excuse to make this guy and slapped a Dirge of Cerberus title on it. I don't know what's the difference between the FFVII:AC and FFVII:DoC versions, the obvious difference is the new gun. but I'm definitely going to pick up this guy (because I really got left out on his previous PAK fig).

The PAK figure of FFXV's Aranea Highwind is also displayed in SQEX's TGS 2017 booth. I already made my initial impressions on her action figure.

Wow! That's another super big reveal of action figures from SQEX! And just in time when I'm reducing my PAK purchases even more and only focusing on Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts figures. 

Yes, There are some Bring Arts action figures on display too and a statue. Those will be covered in Part 2.

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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