September 22, 2017

Tokyo Game Show 2017: Play Arts Kai / Bring Arts Action Figure Reveals Part 2

More action figures from SQEX and in this post, their smaller scale figures, Bring Arts, are the topic. I also included the statue that they revealed in this event.

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Well I'm not sure if they're Play Arts Kai action figures, but they're too small for that line. So I included them here in Part 2. These are the action figures of Bahamut and Odin with his horse, Sleipnir.

This is the King of Dragons, Bahamut. His appearance is based on Yoshitaka Amano's design. Wow Bahamut have a special effects going on! Well let's just hope he also got his Megaflare effect too. It's cool that his articulations are hidden when you look at it at a far distance.

Odin and Sleipnir
Here's Odin with Sleipnir. This figure is also based on Amano's design. These two looks so good but if you look on Odin's display stand, note that PAK figures uses those stands too, if you base the height of the figure on the display stand and compare it to PAK figures, Odin is too short for a PAK figure. He fits more on the Bring Arts line because Final Fantasy's Espers/Eidolons/Summons tend to be large creatures than normal humans.

Kingdom Hearts III's Sora
Sora got another Bring Arts figure and it's based on his Kingdom Hearts 2 outfit when it comes to color scheme. I'm not into his different forms, unless his clothing design changes not just its colors.

Nier: Automata have more Bring Arts figure to show: lots of Machine Lifeforms! It a diorama set which I really like. You can see 2B standing on the debris while watching the four Machine Lifeforms hang around. There are some tiny pick-up items (gold little things) scattered on the diorama set too. SQEX also displayed some few accessories for the 2B Bring Arts figure.

Here's an extra photo, a statue of 2B and it looks like a large-scale statue. I haven't played the game yet but this 2B statue is wearing an all-white outfit. Anyway it looks good but still, I want her Play Arts Kai action figure.

This was an exciting event for toys! SQEX put their A game when it comes to their merchandise in Tokyo Game Show 2017. Looks like I will be buying their toys in 2018, now I'm gonna prepare a list of what to buy and start earning some toy cash.

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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