October 24, 2015

[Art Related] Sketch: Cruore

Hey guys! I made another original sketch! Want to know what I drew this time? Click "Read more" to check it out! :D

I drew one of my original characters. He's Cruore from my [Heaven's Crisis] story/comic project that's still in development hell because of my life commitments and other priorities, like work... Sometimes it's due to laziness, slacking off and lack of creativity which sucks, I know.

Anyways, I'm still glad I can still draw while doing some work in my workplace. My urge to draw is coming out again with a steady and consistent supply of creativity from my brain, it's slow though which makes this situation 50% bummer and 50% awesome.

This sketch is already on my deviantART page. Go there if you want to see my other works. :D


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