July 14, 2015

[Toy News] Play Arts Kai Prototypes at San Diego Comic Con 2015 (Part 3: Movie Figures)

This third part is the final part of my SDCC 2015 Play Arts Kai coverage or series blog posts. This is the movie part where Play Arts Kai figures from movie titles are featured. Want to know more new PAK prototypes? Check out Part 1 (Variant Figures) and Part 2 (Video Game Figures).

I can't really give a critical impression about these toys since these PAK figs are prototypes in which the actual mass produced final versions might be slightly different than the prototypes.

I didn't take these photos, I just found them in the net.


Now to the Play Arts Kai movie characters section. Batman V Superman PAK prototypes are here! I wasn't expecting these toys, what a pleasant surprise. This might be my chance to get my mits on these toys.

The Man of Steel himself in his action figure glory
The new Superman PAK look much better than his Man of Steel movie PAK counterpart. SQEX added a heat vision alternate head, that's nice. It seems that he will have a leg swivel... see those cuts?

Holy bulky muscles, Batman. You've overdone your workout!
Even your Bat logo is buffed
Batman looks good too but whats up with his abs? This guy's super detailed, the Batsuit have lots of wrinkles, it looks really old and seen lots of action, sustaining lots of damage.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children PAK figures is also on display, but no new upcoming PAK figures on this movie title.

Predator is also displayed. I'm not interested on the toy because I haven't seen the movie. I bet there are more PAK figures on display like the Star Wars Variant PAKs and other and currently available/released PAKs but the new/prototype ones have the spotlight in these posts.

Now that's a lot of new PAK figures. They forced me to separate these into three separate parts. This is a great year for SQEX's PAK line of poseable figures. Now if you excuse me I have a few pre-orders to make.

Part 1: Variant Figures (PAKs at SDCC 2015)
Part 2: Video Game Figures (PAKs at SDCC 2015)

Cheers and Happy Collecting.

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