August 27, 2015

[UPDATE] Unforseen Hiatus

Hey guys! Sorry for the sudden hiatus. The first 3 weeks of August is really a busy month for me at work. It really drained my energy and some of my brain cells. So I took a one week break from all the stress and stayed at home to chill and sometimes go out to skate. And uumm, yes, I have a few updates.

If you're asking why there are no new posts this August. Well it's because of my work. I've been doing lot's of paperwork (creating documents and designing company related stuff) and field work (as a photographer). But I'm still posting some randomness on Twitter (@silverlife_PD). Now that's out of the way, it's time for the [Randomly Random] blog related update(s).

I'm still on vacation so I decided to go out and do some toy hunting. I still found some of the toys that I want on store shelves, but I'm holding back because I'm earning cash for the necessary stuff first. Don't worry though, I pre-ordered three PAK figures where the two figures might take a while to get released. Anyways stay tuned, maybe next month for a new PAK toy review. Want a hint for the upcoming PAK review? Hmmm, well it's a blonde character ;).

I also have few blog ideas to post. It's related to art and toys.

Oh yeah, last month (July 2015) I posted some reviews on our gaming blog [HCF]. I also got more upcoming reviews for the gaming blog. As of this post, two video game reviews are coming soon. I just need to proofread and double-check the post for grammar errors and typos. I also might have to replay the games before posting the review. The downside is that since I'm currently operating solo on HCF expect some video game review delays.

So that's the update. I just hope that I get promoted at work, I can feel it!


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