July 12, 2015

[Toy News] Play Arts Kai Prototypes at San Diego Comic Con 2015 (Part 1: Variant Figures)

Sorry for being late for posting this news about San Diego Comic Con 2015. Why? Well, because... life. Anyways, I'll be focusing as always on Play Arts Kai figures and anything that is connected to this toy line. If you want to know what's new and what's to come to SQEX's Play Arts Kai portfolio, then you gotta check and read the whole blog post. Let me tell you that they're many and awesome so I will post these in three parts.

I can't really give a critical impression about these toys since these PAK figs are prototypes in which the actual mass produced final versions might be slightly different than the prototypes.

I didn't take these photos, I just found them in the net.


First on the Variant PAK line. A couple of new Marvel Variant PAK prototypes are spotted during this year's San Diego Comic Con: Captain America and Black Widow. 

The first avenger. He's looking sharp as always
Captain America is looking great already but the weird thing is that he got a long neck and kinda looks like The Flash. Anyway, I can't wait to see this toy painted. Probably the paint job is going to be glossy or metallic.

Black Widow looks hot!
Next is Black Widow. She looks great too. Her body looks proportional. I noticed that her wrist ball-hinge joint is awkwardly sticking out. I hope SQEX will fix these by tucking the joints in a bit in the wrist weapon thingies Black Widow have.

Venom looks great and easy to modify into his original design
Another spider joins the Marvel Variant PAK line. He is Venom, Spidey's opposite and rival. He looks badass, to be honest I'm debating myself if I would pick him up along with Spidey and Black Widow and it's becoming a test of willpower. You can already pre-order Venom by the way.

Other Marvel heroes are displayed like Iron Man, Thor and Spiderman. Wow the Avengers are almost assembled. I wonder what will Hulk look like... and please, Wolverine!

Hey it's Hatsune Miku!
...and still no release date
Other Variant figures are also on display. We have the grey prototypes of Catwoman and Hatsune Miku, both were designed by Tetsuya Nomura. The Miku prototype looks much better with shorter neck, her first colored prototype have long neck. I don't see any significant changes on the grey prototype of Catwoman. I hope these prototypes are the mass-production versions because they look good.

The second part will discuss the Video Game Play Arts Kai figures displayed on SDCC 2015

Cheers and Happy Collecting.

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