July 13, 2015

[Toy News] Play Arts Kai Prototypes at San Diego Comic Con 2015 (Part 2: Video Game Figures)

In this part, new and upcoming Play Arts Kai figures from video game titles displayed at SDCC 2015 are discussed. If you missed Part 1, then feel free to check them out later too.

I can't really give a critical impression about these toys since these PAK figs are prototypes in which the actual mass produced final versions might be slightly different than the prototypes.

I didn't take these photos, I just found them in the net.


Moving on to the video game related PAKs. As I predicted, some figures I mentioned from my past blog post about E3 2015 has come true.

The new look of the upcoming raider of tombs, Lara Croft
The upcoming game Rise of the Tomb Raider now have a figure of the main heroine Lara Croft. This Lara PAK is wearing her mountain climbing get up (as seen in the trailers of RotTR) hinting that this might be her default game attire, this is just a speculation. Lara doesn't disappoint in the accessories category, she still have her bow and arrow and her pick-axe. She also have a pistol. I think she got less stuff than its last version.

It's like Riku is telling me "Kept you waiting, huh?" in Snakes voice
Next we move to the Kingdom Hearts figures. My wish has finally come true! Riku is having is KH2 PAK version! I will definitely have this toy, he's my favorite character in the Kingdom Hearts series and I lost the opportunity to get his KH3D version, he's a best seller, I guess. Now fellow KH fans, chant with me... "Kairi, Kairi, Kairi..."

I saw the Halloween Town version of Sora months ago along with Jack Skellington and two versions of King Mickey, good to know that he's also displayed in SDCC 2015 and SQEX didn't scrap this toy. I think I'll pass on this version... I think... maybe..?

So, now we finally know this little mantis' name
Now well talk about the MGSV:TPP PAKs. Finally Tretij Rebenok a.k.a "Young Psycho Mantis" is displayed with the rest of the available MGSV figs that we know. DD is also present in the display and he got something new, he's got a visor. I guess this is the battledress/sneaking suit (with "helmet") version.

Halo 5 have a new PAK figure displayed with Master Chief. I don't know the character but I saw its name, Locke? Both Master Chief and Locke looks good, I would like to pick them too but I don't know these characters, I still haven't played any Halo title. Maybe I'll change my mind once I saw them in color.

Sadly still no news about the release date of FFXII's favorite Vierra, Fran. FFXV's Noctis is not present in SQEX's booth too. Maybe we will see them in Tokyo Game Show 2015.

The final part is all about Play Arts Kai figures from movie titles. Click here for the first part if you want to read it again.

Cheers and Happy Collecting.

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