August 12, 2018

Random Street Photos While Raining

I went out to go buy some stuff at the mall, but the rain came and it's heavy, it's like going out while there's a storm.

I would't go out if it's not OK to go due to bad weather but I received the weather advisory very late on my phone. Then I got an idea, why not take some photos while it's raining. I haven't done this for a long time. I took out my phone and took a few random street pictures because I don't have my DSLR with me.

Here are some photos I took while I'm around EDSA (Philippines).

I arrived on the mall and this is the view. Heavy rain, slow and heavy traffic.

I'm done buying stuff on the first mall, now on to the 2nd. I always walk to the 2nd mall. This is the view from the footbridge. Look at those buses, so many.

Huge statue of Mother Mary at the EDSA Shrine. I didn't get the details of the clouds because I'm using a smartphone camera. So the sky is just white.

Abandoned construction site. This is where the wind starts to pick up and I can't focus my phone while holding a wildly swaying umbrella. This by the way is the last photo while I'm about to go down from the footbridge to ride a jeepney to the 2nd mall.

Well that's all of the photos. If I have my DSLR and tripod with me, the photos would be better.


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