July 26, 2018

Marvel Variant Play Arts Kai X-23 Official Photos + Price

Sadly, we didn't see any new Play Arts Kai action figures at SDCC 2018 but today, SQEX released the official photos of the Variant Play Arts Kai action figure of X-Men's X-23!

Wow I really like how this figure turned out. They mixed the two versions of X-23: The suit is black, reminiscent to the actual X-23 look, and she wears her Wolverine suit and some parts of it have gold colors.

This figure looks really good! I really like the design that remains consistent with the rest of the Marvel Variant PAK figures designed by Hitoshi Kondo. It also gives that Variant Batgirl vibe and this is one of the best designs so far.

She got 6 accessories. All of the hands have claws, the default pair of hands are claw-less. She got her blades for her feet and an extra interchangeable head without the Wolverine mask, it's still masked but just around the eyes. This is a nice addition and a wish come true for me I prefer this head than the default one.

VPAK X-23's price is 15,984 Yen ($144.00 and around Php.7,700) but that price can be lower than that depending on the retailer. The figure's release is around December 2018 to January 2019. I don't know, I'm tempted to get this one because I main X-23 in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. It's difficult to decide because of its release date that conflicts with Aerith PAK... but well see...

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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