July 14, 2018

[BLOG UPDATE] Slowing Down on Buying Play Arts Kai Figures

Hey guys! I've been buying and reviewing Play Arts Kai action figures since I created this blog page in 2012 and I think it's time for me to slow down. Here's why...

It's weird, now that I have a job that pays me well (triple the amount than my last job) I suddenly got the urge to slow down or, in extreme cases, completely stop buying PAK figures. So why slow down? Well, I just finally learned and understood the importance of earning cash for the future or in case of emergency or if I need to buy useful stuff that I really need. That's it, I got no elaborate explanation for that.

Also, PAK figures are getting more expensive and doesn't give me a bang-for-a-buck feeling for most of their figures, it makes me lose interest on buying more so I really think it's time for me to chill down a bit and lay low.

Good news is that I already have four upcoming PAK figures to review so no PAK review drought this year and early next year. BTW those figures are: SeeD (I forgot that I have this guy!), "Bahamut-man", a clown nurse and Hojo's experiment. I'm gonna pre-order two figures: Cloud's bike and Flower girl. After getting these two, there will be fewer PAK reviews in this blog unless a new Final Fantasy PAK figure shows up or I got a sweet deal on a PAK figure.

In short, I will distance myself from PAKs but not so far that I can't go back on buying a few PAKs. It's like PAK is a long distance friend that I now see sometimes when I have a time and not everyday like I used to. And yeah, while there's going to be a PAK review shortage, I will still keep you guys informed when it comes to new PAK figures and other stuff.



I read a very interesting post on the Play Arts Kai Philippines facebook page that "overrun" figures are spotted out from the wild. Overrun figures are considered by some retailers as authentic, sometimes original rejects from the factory. I'm not sure if they're fake or not, but on the safe side I'll consider them fake figures. Based on the photos I saw, the look and quality are the same (or almost) as the originals and they priced way cheaper! I was interested on pre-ordering an overrun PAK figure of Cloud+Fenrir, but I ultimately decided to go for the trusted authentic ones.

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