July 23, 2016

SDCC 2016 Part 3: Final Fantasy, Dissidia, Kingdom Hearts Play Arts Kai Figures

This part covers Play Arts Kai action figures from Square-Enix's own video game titles: Final Fantasy VII, Dissidia Final Fantasy (2015, Arcade, PS4), Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3. Well, SQEX have been very busy on making new PAK figures while not leaking them. No wonder why they're silent for months.

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Photos by Toyark.com. For more SDCC 2016 Play Arts Kai photos, check the site out.

Kingdom Hearts

I want to mix up the order of the Play Arts Kai figures that I will mention. I will start with the Kingdom Hearts series. First up, the gray prototype of Roxas in his Organization XIII coat. I'm sure KH fans are hoping for this one which opens up new possibilities like there's a chance that they will make Axel or any other Organization XIII members and for wishful thinking, Xion.

Coat-wearing Roxas, No. XIII
Org.XIII Roxas comes with a hooded alternative head, his usual Keyblades (Oathkeeper and Oblivion) and no extra hands (total accessory quantity still unconfirmed).

Next figure is the newly designed Sora from Kingdom Hearts 3. I will definitely pick this one up (because I still don't have the KH2 version). This new design is a combination of his KH2 and KH3D outfit with a slightly new hairstyle which is also a combination of Sora and Roxas' hairstyle.

Sora looks more mature in this version
KH3 Sora comes with a new Keyblade (I don't know its name but this it's featured in the KH3 trailers), two crossbows (the new Keyblade can transform into two crossbows as seen in the trailers) and few extra hands (total accessory quantity still unconfirmed)

KH3 Sora is now available for pre-order at SQEX Merchandise Store.

[UPDATE 07-24-2016] According to the other photos I've seen, it seems that the KH3 Sora and Hooded Roxas is going to be larger than the KH3D and previous KH2 PAKs

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Yes! New large-scale Dissidia Final Fantasy Play Arts Kai and Squall from FF8 is the first guy to be made! Now I'm glad I gave up on searching for the old Dissidia PAK figures. I knew something's better will come up if you wait. This new Squall PAK is more accurate to its video game counterpart than the old Dissidia Squall PAK. That's it, he's also 100% pick up for me and I'm hoping to see more new Dissidia PAK figs.

Squall, Final Fantasy's pretty boy
Squall (Dissidia) comes with his normal Gunblade (no Lionheart, bummer) and four extra hands (total accessory quantity still unconfirmed)

Final Fantasy VII (Remake)

I already mentioned the PAK figs of Cloud and Barret in their gray prototype form last year (December 2015). Now they're painted and they both look great. I think I will pass on picking the FFVII Remake PAKs... unless they show Tifa, Aerith and Vincent.

Wow these two looks great. I'm guessing Barret's Gatling Gun can move too like his FF7AC version

Cloud (FF7) comes with his Buster Sword and six extra hands and Barret (FF7) only comes with an extra left hand (total accessory quantity still unconfirmed)

Sephiroth is looking evil as usual...
Now here's a predictable surprise (finally I managed to pull an oxymoron)! Sephiroth now have a new Play Arts Kai figure! Another 100% pick up for me, no explanation required.

...with wing!
Sephiroth comes with his Masamune and his famous single black wing. Huh, no extra hands... (total accessory quantity still unconfirmed).

There you have it. These are the new PAK figures from SQEX's own video game titles. There are other PAK figures displayed as well, like FFXII's Fran, Balthier and Gabranth, Riku (KH2) and many more. When it comes to their own titles, SQEX really does a good job on making their PAK figs. As for third party video game and movie titles, their PAKs are either hit or miss, same goes for their Variant line but much tolerable.

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Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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