July 22, 2016

SDCC 2016 Part 1: DC Universe Batman Variant Play Arts Kai Figures

Another year, another Comic Con event! I like the San Diego Comic Con more than the other Comic Cons because there are lots of new toys and toy prototypes on display in this event. I would like to go there one day. And as always there are new Play Arts Kai action figures are on display, gray prototypes and painted prototypes so like last year, I will be splitting them on multiple parts. On this part, DC Universe Variant Play Arts Kai that features more Batman, but these two new Batmans are odd, awesomely odd.

Photos by Toyark.com. For more SDCC 2016 Play Arts Kai photos, check the site out.

Two Face Batman
First up here's Two Face Batman. All I can say is wow, who would have the right mind to make this? Anyway while this figure looks weird, it's still awesome and packed with details. The monstrous half looks like it's inspired by the titan design in Attack on Titan. The normal half looks awesome too, I wish SQEX would make whole versions of this Two-faced Batman, one fully normal and one full monster.

Two Face Batman comes with an alternate head, batarang, gun (I don't know if it's a grapple gun or a lethal gun), five extra hands (total amount of accessories still unconfirmed).

Joker Batman
The next one makes more sense, Joker Batman. I guess we can consider that this is what Bruce Wayne/Batman might look like if he fully succumbs to the Joker Toxin in Batman: Arkham Knight. I like this one more than the Two Face version. I like how the suit looks, a perfect balance between Batman and Joker's design. If this figure is priced just right, I might pick this version.

Joker Batman comes with an alternate head, knives, joke gun, a hand with cards and extra hands. (total amount of accessories still unconfirmed).

That's the DC Universe VPAKs on SDCC 2016. The two new Batmans are great additions to the collection, but come on SQEX, give other DC characters a chance. I'm still hoping for a Green Arrow and Black Canary VPAK figure. And where's the Suicide Squad PAKs? I was expecting those.

Cheers and Happy Collecting

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