July 22, 2016

SDCC 2016 Part 2: Marvel Variant Play Arts Kai Figures

New Marvel Variant PAK gray prototype figures are displayed on this year's San Diego Comic Con! Deadpool and Wolverine. Finally we got a glimpse on their Variant versions. I was hoping to see a variant Wolverine ever since the first wave of Marvel VPAKs, but I didn't expect SQEX will also make Deadpool as well.

Photos by Toyark.com. For more SDCC 2016 Play Arts Kai photos, check the site out.

Fully loaded Deadpool
Let's go with Deadpool first. I don't know, but he looks like Deathstroke. He's armored and it seems that he's not wearing a skin-tight suit, I guess for the design consistency with the rest of Marvel VPAKs. He also looks more serious in this version. But still, I can't wait to see this one painted.

Deadpool comes with two alternative heads (one "eyebrow" raised and one "smirking" look), one big gun, a knife and a total of 10 extra hands (total accessory quantity still unconfirmed).

Looking sharp Wolverine!
Wolverine looks bad ass! He's armored-up too like Deadpool and the majority of Marvel VPAKs (Captain America and Black Widow). I would like to see this one painted too to see more details. He looks tall here, I expect the final mass production version is shorter, around 9 or 9.5 inches.

Wolverine comes with an alternative head (screaming/berserk mode), a katana, pair of claw hands, pair of one large blade hands, and five extra claw-less hands (total accessory quantity still unconfirmed).

These two are healthy additions to the Marvel VPAK collection. I think Marvel VPAKs are doing better than DC VPAKs this year. I'm looking forward to see more Marvel Variants. SQEX, surprise me.

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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