October 23, 2013

School Shootout In Nevada... Please Don't Blame Video Games In This.

October 21, 2013. Another school shootout has happened, this time in Sparks Middle School in Nevada, killing one teacher and wounded two students.

October 22, 2013

Tim Lambesis Going To Jail. Is This The End For AILD?

Tim Lambesis, the vocalist of the Christian metalcore band called As I Lay Dying is facing 9 years in prison for attempted murder of his ex-wife by hiring a hitman. Lambesis plead not guilty.

October 17, 2013

[Toy Review] Evangelion Portraits 8: Asuka and Mari Dual Review

I watched the original Evangelion series during my high school days, I liked the anime because the story is a total mindf*ck and weird but not that convoluted, that's why it became popular. It spawned a lot of merchandise including model kits of the EVA units, toys and figures. Now on to the present! Well, more like 2012. I bought some of the Evangelion Portraits Candy Toy figures made by Bandai. The figures I want to review are the figures of Mari and Asuka, they're sold separately. I bought Mari and my sister gave me Asuka as a gift for my birthday.

October 16, 2013

Randomly Random's 1st Anniversary And My Collection So Far

Hello dear readers and internet wanderers! To celebrate the blog's 1 year anniversary, I want to share my main figure collection and other stuff found in the photos (kinda like easter eggs) in this post. [This is also the 50th post in Randomly Random blog]

October 15, 2013

[Toy Review] Selphie Tilmitt FFVIII Play Arts

Booyaka! That's what I said after getting this figure of Selphie because it's already on sale and I haggled it to lower the price even more! Now I got a few extra cash to fund my next PAK. I ran out of options so I bought this figure as my Plan B. While she is not my priority, she's still worth getting if you're a fan of FFVIII or Final Fantasy series in general. To me, she's the best offensive and defensive character in FFVIII because her [Slot] Limit Break. She can kill almost all enemies (even some bosses) by using "THE END" from [Slot]. She is always included in my party in the game together with Irvine.

** Before we start, this review is to celebrate the blog's 1 year anniversary. Stay tuned for more posts!

Cebu Philippines Got Hit By A 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake

Random Breaking News: Earlier this morning, Cebu, Philippines got hit by a 7.2 magnitude quake that injured/killed people, destroyed roads and obliterated buildings... and it's not over yet. Right now, the Cebuanos are experiencing aftershocks. This is a strong quake that happened there. The last strong Cebu quake happened in 1990. I don't know about what the officials, doctors and experts are discussing (because I just woke up) so I won't say much but I think they're assessing the damage. Lets pray for the earthquake victims and for the safety of the missing/trapped people.

October 14, 2013

[Blog Update] New Blog Design And More!

Hi! It's time for a special blog update to celebrate [Randomly Random's 1 year anniversary]! The first thing you'll notice is the new background and title designs as well as the blog's new color scheme. There are some new stuff too so check it out :D

[Blog Update] Went Out To Hunt Some Toys... Still No Top Priority Figures

I went out to buy one action figure and check out some prices. I brought my list of want-to-buys, but I didn't find anything on my list. Darn it, I still can't find Serah, Mr. 47 and Gabranth PAK, and the new PAKs are huge in person (damn, Vincent figure is big and heavy) and still lacks some quality! So the Plan B is to buy a random classic Play Arts figure. The character is not even my priority but still on my complete checklist (which I will post soon). The new Play Arts figure review is now in progress (just need to take a little more photos).

Oh yeah, I decided to review some of the toys that I have (some for a long time, complete with dust) that haven't been reviewed. They will fall in the [Various Toys Review] category. 

Next toy(s) I'm gonna purchase is a Trading Arts Kai Mini. Probably Squall, Yuna or Tifa (AC)

Changes in the blog's appearance is coming soon! Just need to brainstorm.

Cheers And Happy Collecting!

October 09, 2013

I'm Still Over The Fence On Buying Figmas

I'm always thinking on expanding my collection on trying new brands and one of them is Max Factory's Figma line of action figures. And yet I'm still debating myself on getting some of these figures or not...