June 27, 2013

[Art Related] Work In Progress Art Commission: "Angel Vs. Demon"

Heeeey! Another art commission is currently in progress and this one is paid with real cash... First cash artwork commission FTW! :D The theme is Angel vs. Demon and a different one at that. This is just a rough sketch and small partial preview of the entire art and this is artwork may change.

I'm planning to open a point and cash commission on deviantART. I'm still not sure when to do that.

Next art project is another final redesigning of one of my original characters.

Check out my deviantART gallery for more photos and artwork.


June 23, 2013

The Graphic Expo 2013... Tons of Inspiration and Stuff!

[Pics will be uploaded soon]

Ahhhh... Rainy days for me are good, I like this weather. And this is a good day to go to another event, this time it's the Graphic Expo 2013. The cool part is that this is a free expo and the top brands and services are here. 

The pics that I will post here (soon) are stuff that I'm interested on.

June 15, 2013

ToyCon 2013... A New Frontier

[Pics will be uploaded soon]

I had nothing else to do, then my friend sent me a text message saying that I should go to the mall and check out ToyCon 2013, so I just went there to check it out.

June 11, 2013

[Random] Games That I'm Excited About In E3 2013

E3 2013 is happening now! New PS4 and Xbox One console, new awesome games and their gameplay! And here are the officially announced games that I wanted to play in the near future :D

** I also posted some gameplay trailers on the HCF blog

June 09, 2013

[Toy Related] Play Arts Vs. Play Arts Kai

Lightning PAK against Kadaj PA
Check out their review!
I always wanted to do this and this is the right time to do it, because I think I already have enough EXP (pun intended) to differentiate some of PA's and PAK's ups and downs. It's time to a comparison between the old-school Play Arts action figure and the new-school Play Arts Kai action figure. So let's get started.

** BTW I will update this post as soon as I encounter new differences between the two.

June 07, 2013

Lightning FFXIII-2 and Kadaj FFVIIAC Review Update!

For the sake of the consistency of my action figure reviews in this blog, I updated the Lightning and Kadaj reviews, which both are my first and second toy review respectively. The reviews' updated content and format is now at par (or similar) to my Catwoman and my other newer action figures review.

Read the updated reviews!

June 06, 2013

[Toy Review] Tech Deck Fingerboards

Does this happen to you: You get bored at work/school? You're tired at waiting for someone to arrive? You can't skate because you're injured? Yes, these things happens to us (except for the third one if you're not a skater), that's why we need something to help us kill boredom. I know some will say "Hah! I have an iPhone/Android smartphone to pass the time!", and this is how I will reply, "Yeah you have that phone, but you can't use that while working/studying, or what if that phone's battery drains out? LOL!". The best solution is to have a cheap little toy, like Tech Deck Fingerboards! This one doesn't use batteries, just your fingers and skills :D

** This is my first non-action figure review. So this review is going to be short and direct to the point with some personal opinions.