November 12, 2016

Variant Play Arts Kai Deadpool In Color

Deadpool's Variant Play Arts Kai action figure is now in color in his new pictorial and he's also up for pre-order!

"Well hello there! I'm Deadpool."
Wow gotta give it to SQEX, Deadpool looks amazing! I really love how they designed him and the color applied on him is great, I love red color BTW, I know it feels kinda biased, but whatever. Even though he's a Variant PAK he still look like the Deadpool we know. Other Variant PAKs that looks similar to the original character design in my opinion are Thor, Venom and Iron Man.

Variant Deadpool doesn't disappoint in accessory quantity too. He got two alternative head sculpts, two swords, a rifle, combat knife, different kinds of throwing knives and lots of extra hands.

"I know you can't resist this handsome man. *wink*"
Yes, this Deadpool is definitely a contender for best Play Arts Kai figure, but we'll see because there might some factors that will strip him off that title. We still don't know how his articulations works, there might be some weird "experimental" joints in it and lastly the quality and price (14,800 Yen - $139.00 - P6,413.00). Well, eff it! I've decided that I will pick this one up and review it. I already have lots to say about this figure, better wait for that review! Better save up some cash now if you want to buy this fig too.

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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