November 26, 2016

Art Dumps! Because I'm Bored at Work

Man I'm bored at work, I don't have anything to do so I grabbed a pen and some paper then I draw stuff. I do this once per day during our work downtime. Wow, it's been a long time since I drew something and I got a little rusty.

I used a pen while sketching... Yes I didn't use any pencil, so any wrong stroke will ruin the sketch, unless I found a way to fix them. I only uploaded some of my sketches, I'm not posting any of my detailed concept sketches.

It's kinda embarrassing and funny that I forgot how to draw my original characters (OC), I literally opened some of my Photoshop drafts and re-visited my deviantArt page that's full of digital dust just to check and compare the sketches with my finished drawings once I got home. 

Art Dump #01
Here's my first art dump. I also drew some random characters and stuff here. I'm trying to change my style, it's heavily inspired by one artist. I want to mix it with my other inspirations and my own "rough art" style. The result is not obvious (unless colored) but I'm slowly developing my original art style.

OC: Alluria (slight face change)
This is a small part of Art Dump #03
Huh, I drew some of my OC's differently in my first art dump. It seems like my creativity is starting to come back. I might use these new concepts someday. Alluria also have a slight change on her face.

Art Dump #02
This second dump focuses more on the [Masamune] comic. There are also some random stuff drawn here a couple of my [Heaven's Crisis] characters. I haven't read my bestfriend's story plot of the comic yet but he gave me some characters and I also came up a with a couple of my own and some cyborgs.

"They will save the world someday..."
This is a small part of Art Dump #04
I like this the most because of these two new art of my OC's. This is just a small portion, the rest contains confidential sketches my female OC's. I also made a 5th art dump that I didn't upload because again it's full of concept sketches (detailed character designs).

I can't wait to redraw my own characters digitally. Hmmm, I will not draw for a while because I might drain my creative juices to zero and suffer another creativity slump again. Oh, some of the art/sketches here is not final. I will upload some sketches from this post to my deviantART page.


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