March 19, 2013

[Art Related] Work In Progress Character Art Commission: Lightning

This is an art commission for RedBlast126 from deviantART
This is just a partial rough sketch preview. Everything may change
RedBlast126 is the 5th and my last client in my art commission service.

To view my commission info post and artwork, click this link

Also check this out:
RedBlast126's deviantART profile/gallery
My deviantART profile/gallery


March 10, 2013

[Random] Photo Session

Black and white photos of my fellow skaters and riders
Should I call this "emotive portraits" or what? Whatever, all that's important that these photos look great lol

Equipment(s) used:
Canon 500D
Canon 50mm lens (malfunctioning)

Adobe Photoshop CS4

For those who are interested contact me and I will offer my photography/photo editing services to you... for a price of course. :D

* Click photos to enlarge
* Enjoy

Interested? E-mail me at