August 29, 2014

[Blog Update] My Laptop... It's ALIVE!

Hello! My laptop is now back in action. It's temporarily OK, this will suffice until I get a new HDD for my laptop or just buy a new laptop/desktop. I already backed up all my files and it's semi-smooth sailing from here. I'm also going to reduce my PAK toy purchases for a while to earn money, so less toy review and more cash and fat wallet.

What If... Remake Old Games?

[Left] Crusader: No Remorse
[Right] Stasis: No Remorse (Cool looking game, check it out!)
Different games, but look similar. It's like a remake.
I've been playing video games since we got our Nintendo Famicom in the late 80's, I was like 4 years old at the time. I saw games evolve from 8bit/16bit/32bit graphics to 3D and into like a blockbuster movie we play today. Enough about that, here are some games that will look good with today's graphics and technology:

August 04, 2014

[Toy Review] Sora Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Play Arts Kai

Dream Drop Distance (or "3D") is the 6th Kingdom Hearts sequel for the Nintendo 3DS. Its story took place after Kingdom Hearts 2 and Re: Coded. It's also the last bridge towards Kingdom Hearts 3. Unfortunately, I haven't played the game yet, no 3DS, but I have the next good thing. I got this awesome Play Arts Kai figure of Sora as an alternative after failing yet again to search for a Vincent PAK. This version of Sora is from that KH3D game, and thanks to the dude at the store for lowering the price of this figure.