June 26, 2017

Justice League Batman (Tactical Suit) Play Arts Kai Official Photos and Price

More DC related Play Arts Kai action figure revealed! This time it's Batman from the upcoming movie, Justice League. This Batman is wearing a tactical suit. So where's the default version?

To Batman, this armored suit is like normal clothes.
Because he got used to his heavy armor in BvS.
The design of this new "Batfleck" is like a combination of the BvS and Arkham Knight suits, I really like this one... But I still want that default Batman. Anyways the rugged and exposed mouth and chin of Batman looks a bit more accurate to the actor. The cape still looks weird but it's an improvement over the BvS version.

This guy only have a grapple gun and a batarang for weapons. For extra hands, he got a pair of open hands and two types of right gripping hands for the grapple gun and the batarang. That's very few and it's a bummer.

This Batman action figure costs around $133.00 (approx. Php.6700.00). Can its price get lower? I want this figure to cost around at least a hundred bucks. I want to pick this toy up, but I think I'll wait 'till I saw this in person. Pre-orders are now available for this action figure.

Cheers and Happy Collecting!


  1. Dont they already have a "default" batman in the BvS version?

    1. Yes, but BvS PAK figures are too short (about an inch shorter) compared with the rest of the PAK figures